Yakezie Challenge Update

If you recall, a few roundups ago (March 28th to be exact) I had mentioned how I had joined the Yakezie Challenge. The challenge is an opportunity to network with other personal finance bloggers while increasing traffic and readership to this blog.

Yakezie Challenge: Bring it On!

Yakezie Challenge

One of the key indicators of the challenge is the site’s Alexa rating which is kind like a bragging right of how much traffic your site gets compared to other sites.  There’s a lot more detail than that, but that’s the gist of it.   When we first started the Yakezie Challenge, our site had an Alexa rating of 165,900.  Today, our rating is a whopping 127,969!  That’s almost a 23% increase in less than a month!!! For us, that’s quite an amazing feat in such a short time.  Thanks to all the Yakezie member for making this happen.

Yakezie Member Roundup

Here are some of the best posts of the week from Yakezie members as well as some other good reads.

Carnivals of the Week

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