Why Every Driver Needs To Consider An Electric Vehicle In 2022

Electric vehicles have become a popular and viable mode of transportation in everyday life. They offer a variety of benefits to both individuals and businesses.

If you are a driver who is looking to make a switch this year, it would be helpful to explore the main advantages of owning an electric vehicle. This article will introduce you to the key reasons why making such a change would be beneficial in the long run.

Outstanding Value

Drivers who are in search of a more efficient and affordable way of getting around would be glad to find out that electric vehicles boast lower prices than their conventional counterparts. However, the cost of electric vehicles depends on a number of factors such as make, model, features and other specifics.

Some important considerations include deciding whether to buy or lease. For a more detailed explanation, ensure you check out Compare’s article covering the major differences between Tesla lease vs buy options. Remember that regardless of your budget, there is an electric vehicle to suit your needs. 

Greener Travel

Electric vehicles are known to be cleaner and kinder to the environment. In general, they are powered by a lithium-ion battery that is charged by electricity.

They have no tailpipe, which means that no exhaust fumes are produced. There are fewer harmful greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. As a result, local air pollution is reduced, which can be especially beneficial in congested towns and cities.

Streets can become a cleaner and better place to go around for pedestrians and cyclists. If you are planning to travel soon, you can follow these tips to get your electric vehicle holiday-ready. 

Low Maintenance 

Each car needs a certain level of TLC from time to time. However, petrol-powered cars require significant engine maintenance over their lifespan. In comparison, electric vehicles are a lot more cost-efficient.

For example, a battery motor will need no oil changes or component replacements. Likewise, it might not experience as much general wear and tear as opposed to combustion engines.

A traditional combustion engine has hundreds of moving pats that could go wrong, whereas an electric motor will have fewer than 20. The cost per mile is also cheaper, so by owning an electric vehicle you are likely to save more. 

Battery Efficiency

Batteries are an important part of electric vehicles and are more resilient than you might think. The full capacity of a lithium-ion battery cell ranges between 300 and 500 cycles. This means that a good and reliable battery can last you up to 10 years. Like other components of electric vehicles, batteries require less maintenance as well.

They are specifically designed to use higher density energy. Moreover, due to their improving technology, the cost of batteries is expected to fall even more in the coming years.

Easy Charging

Charging your electric vehicle is fast, simple, and convenient. You will be able to save time and energy as you can charge your car at your own home instead of stopping at a petrol station to top up.

Keep in mind that the process of charging can vary. It can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 8-10 hours depending on the vehicle’s battery size and power rating of your charger.

Also, the number of miles you have done between charges will factor in. Read this helpful guide for a better understanding of the considerations you need to make when charging your vehicle.

Quiet Driving Experience

One of the first things you will notice when you switch to an electric vehicle is the quiet environment. As electric vehicles do not require a combustion process, the noises produced by them are minimal. This can provide a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for drivers.

The only sounds you might encounter are those made by the wheels when you go around a corner or the occasional wind resistance on the motorway.

In contrast, petrol and diesel vehicles will produce more noise due to vibrations in the air intake and exhaust system and combustion in each of the engine’s cylinders.

Improved Performance 

Although in the past, electric vehicles did not have the best reputation in terms of power and speed, they can actually outperform traditional engines. Electric vehicles do not require a manual transmission, which means that the power is passed directly to the wheels.

They are also lighter and due to the fewer moving parts, their acceleration capability can impress drivers. Moreover, if you are interested in a family-friendly vehicle, you will find electric vehicles are larger and more spacious than their conventional counterparts.  This is due to the lack of a large engine offering a smoother drive.

Electric vehicles and their supporting infrastructure are becoming more widely adopted. Because of this, there will be even more options to suit different needs.

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