Retire by the Water – Marble Falls, TX

marble-hills-a1In our journey to discover the best places to “Retire by the Water” we went from hot, to not quite as hot, to moderately cool, to make ice cubes on your frozen deck without a freezer.  Let’s face it, after St. Joseph, MI. everything looks hot.  Sorry, I’m for thawing out a little.  Our next location is 48 miles from Austin, 86 miles from San Antonio, 123 miles from Waco, and just a little over 200 miles from Dallas and Houston.  “Deep in the Heart of Texas!”  Warm enough for ya?  We’re talking Marble Falls, TX.  Heard of it?

Hill Country in Texas

Lake Marble Falls is the fourth of seven lakes in the Highland Lakes string of lakes on the Colorado river.  It is located in the what they call the Centralmf21 Texas Hill Country.  The dam that was built to create the lake in 1951 submerged the falls that the place was named for.  Texas Hill Country rivers, lakes, and streams throughout the area offer the serenity of trickling water.  Some say that one of the great things about Marble Falls is that it is quiet enough to hear it.  Marble Falls Lake is almost six miles long and 1080 feet wide in the widest area.  Along with water there are beautiful rock cliffs with a variety of colorful vegetation.  And there is more.


Home prices are affordable by most standards averaging $250,000 near the water.  Property taxes are a little high but, the state doesn’t take any income taxes.  There is a new regional medical center slated to open in a few years.  See the Profile click here.

What is there to do?

CNN Money says it ”remains a hospitable little place with a whole lot of comfort, food, country music, and cowboy character”.  The area has plenty of entertainment, shopping, boating, golf, and much more.  With all the rivers, lakes, streams, and hills, it can be also be a great place to take a relaxing days drive.  It is close enough to the cities of Austin and San Antonio.  They are only a little over an hour away.  Waco, Houston, and Dallas are not out of range.  All are within 2 to 4 hours.

Weather / Climate

If you are looking for moderate year round temperatures better look somewhere else.  Overall, the weather can be nice most of the time.  Winters are great but, it will get hot in the summer!  Temperatures in the Summer will often exceed 100 degrees but the lake will help relieve them.  If you can’t stand the heat get out of Texas.  Occasional heavy rains can cause flooding in low lying areas.

The Advantages

Small town hospitality. Located in Central Texas close enough to major cities.  Very affordable.   Weather is great most of the year.  Great place to get break from the cold in the winter.  Quiet living by the water with plenty to keep you interested!  Plenty of beauty and serenity.

The Disadvantages

mf4Gets hot.  Temperatures often exceed 100 degrees in the summer.  As in many Texas locations, occasional heavy rains can cause flooding.  See picture.

The Verdict

One of the top six I’m not sure, but overall I like it!  I don’t mind the heat and I love the Lake.  Affordable!  I say find a little high ground and enjoy the water!  I give it a two thumbs up!  If it were closer to my grandson I would consider it myself!  I rank it right up there with Beaufort, SC.

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