Where to Open a Business Account?

How can an owner of a small business make the company distinct from competitors and start the way towards success? First and foremost, the quality of services is important. A business account from Genome can be helpful for this purpose. Open a business account to get a quality service for payments on your website. Transfer money and offer customers different modern payment options.

Together with a Genome account, your transactions are going to be well-protected and safe. Also, there is an excellent opportunity to open several accounts at once. Learn more about essential features and enjoy their advantages.

What Are the Benefits of Our Business Account?

When you are going to open a business account in a traditional bank, you’ll encounter many demands and rules. That complicates the process and takes a lot of precious time. Genome created an online account equivalent to a traditional one but faster and more convenient. Money is going to be safe, and your clients – satisfied.

Open a business account to enjoy the following advantages:

  •  Our online account will be suitable for a company of any scale due to the variety of available options.
  • Payment can be made via a traditional card and using more than 40 alternative methods. Also, not only EUR and USD are accepted. Money can be paid in the currency that your clients use.
  • In-depth reports are available for merchants through a business account. You’ll be always aware of all the transactions, chargebacks, and everything that occurs inside the system.
  • An online account can be easily integrated with other systems that you already use in your business.
  • Transfer money and make regular payments swiftly and without any hidden fees.
  • In your business account, you can create customizable pages for checkout and provide customers with the most enjoyable payment experience.

Before opening a real business account, you can use a test period to understand all the features and options. The Genome team is always in touch to assist you and give explanations in case they are needed.

How to Start Your Business Account?

If you would like to start your online account in Europe with us, follow the simple procedure:

1.       Create an account via the Genome system and verify your personality.

2.       Select Business Wallet among the available options.

3.       Fill in all the required data about your business.

4.       Upload scanned copies of the documents that are needed.

That is an easy and quick way towards your own Genome account. Open a business account in EUR and USD and use it in Europe and almost all over the world.

How much does it cost to open and maintain a business account? Genome’s fees differ according to the value of a risk for the account. However, you can open a business account for free and then pay for transactions according to the tariff plan. With us, you’ll always stay aware of the pricing policy. There will be no surprises as we understand the importance of stability for the business.

Our Business Account Is the Best Choice

Money is secure and safe inside our system. As an electronic institution, we combined the practices of a traditional banking system with modern innovations. This gives access to a fast and convenient system to anyone who wants to have a business account. At the same time, we guarantee a high level of security measures and safety from fraudsters and hackers.

With our online account, you can feel free and comfortable in the business world.

Full service

Our business account has a modern and user-friendly dashboard. Also, you can use it via the special app from any device connected to the Internet. Transfer money, add accounts, get cards, and give remote access to your colleagues through one reliable system.


When you become a Genome user, you get your own manager and a technical specialist. They are going to professionally assist you and your online account with all the issues that may occur in the working process.

Money will be definitely safe with us, and the business is going to expand steadily due to modern technologies. Transfer money and do all other necessary transactions online, swiftly and without any problems. It is a modern reality, which is waiting for you!

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