What to Look for in a Commercial Gas Supplier

So you’re in the market for commercial gas supply and you’re considering switching your supplier to see if you could benefit from a better deal and improved service. As a business owner, you want what’s best for your business across the board and that includes your energy supply.

British Gas commercial gas supply is one of the most competitive on the market and should definitely be considered if you’re thinking about changing energy provider. Not only will you benefit from a provider who has had years of experience in the industry, but British Gas Business will also ensure your energy bills are a little nicer on the pocket.

Why choose them as your supplier?

  • The Service is unrivalled. From the word go, your best interests will be taken into consideration, ensuring that their years of experience are put to good use
  • The Prices are amongst the most competitive on the market which in turn, will help you to see more favourable energy bills. Combine that with the implementation of energy-saving initiatives that both you and your staff can adopt and you will see positive changes in no time.
  • Fixed Contracts are available if you prefer to pay a fixed rate rather than deal with the rise and fall in energy prices. Fixed term contracts, over one or two years, are available so that you can manage your budget effectively, while paying a competitive rate even if the unit price rises.
  • Hassle Free Switchovers mean that the stress is taken out of changing supplier. By applying online, you can leave the hard work to them. Multisite options are also available at the click of a button. All you need to do is sit back and wait for changeover day.
  • Expert Advice is on hand whenever you need it. Whether you need some advice regarding which contract option to take, how to become a greener business or you’d like to have more information about the Climate Change Levy aspect of your bills, qualified advisors are at the end of a phone line, waiting to chat to you.

If you’re planning on adopting a new energy supplier, head online and find the best quote for your business needs.


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