Weekly Round Up-First Edition

Well, here we have it.  The very first weekly round up for Consumer Boomer (obviously many more to come).  Just in time for Christmas!  What a glorious time of the year.  What did we find this week out there in the blogosphere…….

Required Minimum Distribtions are required for every retiree at 70 1/2.  Some speculated that they might postpone it due to the heavy losses in the market.  Go To Retirement has an informative post on the matter.

What happens when a Boomer gets laid off?  Lazy Man and Money had some good survival tips for his reader.

If you still have a mortgage, maybe it’s time to refinance.  Five Cent Nickle has a good take on the topic.  

We all make financial mistakes, but are we man enough to admit it?  What about blog about it?  Own The Dollar shares what he did and he learned from it. 

When we left for church this morning it was 13 degrees outside.  That’s way too cold for me.  My Two Dollars offers inexpensive ways to stay warm this winter.  Makes me feel cozy already.

Lastly, with the recession upon us, Money Ning offers a strategy to lower your bills during these tough economic times. 

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