Identity theft puts your finances, credit and even employment at risk. What’s alarming is that a scammer only needs the last 4 digits of SSN and date of birth to start misusing it.


When someone has your SSN, they can apply for loans and max out your credit cards which will severely impact your credit score and you’ll be left with a huge sum of debt.


Scammers can use your SSN privileges which means you won't be able to get grants that holders of a social security card would normally get because they’ve already been claimed.


Scammers can use your SSN to file an income tax return using your name & steal the tax refund from you. This leaves you with the hassle of sorting and proving your claim with IRS.


Swindlers can use your SSN to benefit from medical services that you are entitled to. They’ll pose as you and claim the medical benefits in your name.


Scammers can use your SSN and pose as you using your identity when they get into trouble with the law.


For example, if a scammer gets a speeding ticket from a traffic enforcer, to avoid getting caught, the scammer will use your identity. In the end, you’ll get in trouble with the law.


If someone has the last 4 digits of your SSN, you can find the steps you need take to report and secure your SSN in the link below.