How To Check if Someone If Using Your Social Security Number

Are you worried that someone has been using your Social Security Number without you knowing?

It’s a legitimate concern. In 2021, over a million identity theft related crimes were reported.

While we do our part by keeping our SSN private, and are careful when we need to give it out, how can we know if our SSN has been compromised?

Here are 4 ways to find out if your Social Security Number has been compromised.

You’ll be able to identify if someone is using your SSN by carefully checking the entries on your credit report for any charges that aren't yours.

Viewing Your Credit Report


You can get a free copy of your credit report once a year at or even more frequently by using credit monitoring tools.

Look for warning signs such as not getting your bills, being chased by debt collectors for debt that is not yours or being billed for medical services you did not use.

Monitoring Your Bills


Always check your credit card statement every billing cycle for inaccuracies or unfamiliar charges.

Monitoring Bank & Credit Card Statement


Check your credit card transactions online regularly for fraudulent transactions which is a sign that someone may be using your Social Security Number for credit fraud.

To see whether someone else is using your Social Security Number, Go to the “my Social Security page” of the Social Security website to check your account for any inaccuracies.

Check Social Security Account


Through this webpage, you will be able to check whether someone is using your SSN for employee-related identity fraud.

Use identity theft protection tools to monitor all your bank, credit and financial accounts for fraudulent use of your Social Security Number.

Identity Monitoring Tools


We found it tedious to monitor all our accounts on our own, on top of checking inaccessible areas like the dark web for our SSN. This made identity protection tools very helpful.

After numerous tests and reviews, we found that with tools like Aura, we were able to maintain 24/7 monitoring over our Social Security Number, financial accounts, and credit reports way more efficiently.

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Your Social Security Number can be exploited easily, so don't take it for granted.

You can stop someone from using your social security number as early as possible with regular monitoring and vigilance.

Make sure you follow these steps to know if someone is using your SSN to avoid becoming another reported case in the system.