Use Online University Rankings to Kick Off Your Retirement

With the first of the Baby Boomers set to retire very soon; health care facilities, assisted living homes, and cruise ships will be overrun by our generation. The retirement scene looks to be getting very crowded and careers in healthcare are becoming more numerous every day. Every medical professional sub-specialty from nurses, to X Ray technicians, to medical billing and coding specialists is looking for new talent in order to accommodate the needs of the Baby Boomers.

Most Baby Boomers are waiting until the very last minute to enter the retirement lifestyle and choosing to work in order to buff up their retirement accounts. If you’ve been working in the same industry for a couple of decades now, chances are you might be considering a new career path in order to give a new spin to the third act of your life. Online University rankings and new technical training styles can help you transfer your already expansive knowledge base over to a brand new industry.

Choosing the Correct Field

There are a couple of different things to consider when picking a new career. You will not have the same energy as you did when you were young, so picking something with a laid-back atmosphere and easy work schedule will be vital. You might want to consider finding a job that allows you to telecommute or work from home whenever possible.

Have you been stuck in an office job, crunching numbers and completing mundane tasks for the last several decades? The growing demand for skilled workers in the field of web design and graphic design is growing. Many of this work can be completed from home and because it is deadline driven, you can choose to work at times that fit your schedule.

Harming Other Generations of Workers

By staying in the top paid percent of the workforce, we are not allowing the advancement of other generations of workers. In a San Francisco Chronicle article, one woman from Generation X explains how she has been working in a low level pharmaceutical positions for 12 years because older workers are not retiring.

If we attend an online college and pursue a new career field, there is a greater chance that younger generations will be able to rise to the top and meet their earning potentials. On the other hand, dropping out of certain fields all at once may increase the need for senior management very rapidly and young workers may not be prepared for the new demands placed upon them. Choosing a different field may put you in a less authoritative position, but you can still help management out with your experience and wisdom.

Harming Ourselves by Staying in the Workforce

Most of us think we are doing a favor to the world by not retiring and staying active in the work force. If we think about this for a little longer, we are not doing any favors by staying active in the job market. Several generations are being harmed by an aging workforce, but we might be doing harm to ourselves if we don’t watch out.

According to a report on MSNBC, older workers will need to be accommodated more because of more healthcare requirements. This might also affect the quality of work done because people tend to get sick more often as they age. With the stressful demands that come with having a job, there is also an increased chance you could suddenly get hit with a stroke or heart attack. Finding a new career in a less stressful field might reduce the negative aspects of deteriorating health.

Whether you choose to retire or continue your education; the effects of aging are going to suddenly hit you. The best advice is to be well prepared and make a decision that will benefit your lifestyle the most.

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