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Finally if you are an advanced trader, your discount broker is here. With almost all other discount brokers out there, they are looking for you to trade either low volumes of simple common stock, or higher volumes of common stock with a slight bonus for doing so. Here on tradeMONSTER, you can trade any type of security that you would dream to trade. They offer more complex options trading strategies as well as futures and even make mutual fund ownership easy and affordable. Did you know that you can make money when the entire market is going down? This is one of the many advantages to an options strategy; tradeMonster will teach you these advanced techniques to help you fight through the tough market conditions.

tradeMonster Has Cheap Stock Trades

trademonster buying stocks and options

Stocks and Options

TradeMonster offers you $7.50 commission on all stock trades of up to 5000 shares. 5000 shares are higher than the limit of almost all other discount brokers out there. Their transaction fee may be slightly higher than other brokers, but they offer a much wider variety of tools for you to use. The complexity of these tools may be slightly out of the reach of a passive investor, but if you’re looking to actively trade, or are looking to step up your investing game, tradeMonster will be able to assist you in this process.

You’ve Got “Options”

Trade monster is built with the options trader in mind. There rates on a single contract is only .50 cents, otherwise they charge $12.50 for 20 contracts, $25 for 50 contracts, $50 for 100 contracts, and $250 for 500 contracts. When it comes to options tradeMonster has some tools that will assist you. There most popular being Spread Maker.

For The Conservative at Heart

The commission you will be charged on bonds is $15 per transaction. This includes Muni’s, T- bonds, as well as your standard corporate bonds. Bonds are a safe low risk investment option that will be able to help you on your road to retirement. By using the tools available on tradeMonster, including the portfolio analysis, you will be able to pick out the right bonds for your risk tolerance.

Mutual Funds

TradeMonster in this instance is trying to help you be a long run retirement investor. They are offering the lowest mutual fund transaction fee available. For only $15 dollars to purchase and no cost to sell, you can buy into your favorite mutual funds! Mutual funds are the most preferred tool of financial advisors, so if you are looking to be your own advisor on the road to retirement, tradeMonster is right for you.


Trade monster is the total package. The only way to achieve the lowest amount of risk in your overall portfolio is to achieve the greatest amount of diversity. With all of the securities available to you through the tradeMonster platform, you will be able to achieve this high level of diversity in your portfolio. TradeMonster makes it possible to hedge your risk through options trading as well as gain exposure to commodities through futures. If you are looking to stick with easier methods of foreign as well as alternative methods, then try looking through the ETF’s to gain coverage in an industry you are lacking.

Paper Trade

Trade Cycle

Trade Cycle

If all of this sounds overwhelming to you, wouldn’t it be nice to just try it all for free? With tradeMonster you can do exactly this! By signing up for their paper trade you can have FREE access to all of their tools. You can make trades with fake money on options, futures, bonds, and mutual funds to see how they work. This gives you the powerful ability to lose tons of money while learning the trade without it costing you a penny!

tradeMonster Conclusion

If you are looking for a platform that offers more advanced trading then tradeMonster is definitely your only choice. Or, if you have heard the terms options and futures on CNBC or other investment television and always wondered how they worked or even what they are, then tradeMonster is also for you. On tradeMonster, you can read from their list of articles explaining what these trading strategies entail, then practice on their paper trade. TradeMonster has competitive rates in the market especially on options and mutual funds. There equity commissions may be slightly higher but the price is backed with superior trading tools.

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