Top Five Things to Backup on your Computer

If you’ve ever used a computer in your life then you’ve heard someone ask, “You did have a backup right?” Ah yes, the all important backup. No matter what you use your computer for, whether it be work, school or play, you should know the importance of backing up any and all things you can’t replace or do without. Therefore, I present to you the Top Five Things to Backup on Your Computer.


Most people don’t realize you can backup your bookmarks, but you can and should. I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of bookmarks and a lot of them are very important. Trust me when I say this, some of the pages saved on your bookmarks list are going to be very difficult/impossible to find again, so be certain to have a backup. Backing up bookmarks is really easy on most browsers and is well worth the 45 seconds it would take.

4. Music Files

With the birth of digital song downloading came the birth of humongous digital music collections. I know people who have paid hundreds and I’m sure some have paid thousands of dollars for their MP3 song collection. Not only will backing up this folder potentially save you a big headache, it could also save you big money.

3. Documents

If anyone out there reading this is like me, then you save everything from pay stub copies to tax information as documents on your computer. I don’t know about you but when Mr. Taxman comes knocking, I want to be sure I’ve got all my info at the touch of a button. The My Documents folder is very simple to back up with a blank CD, USB stick or external hard drive.

2. Pictures

Before digital cameras, everyone just went to their nearest supermarket or department store to have their photos developed. They would get multiple copies and share them with friends and family. Chances were if you lost a sentimental photo, a friend or relative would still have a copy. Now almost everyone stores their treasured family memories on their laptop or desktop and once they’re gone, there’s no way to get them back. You can’t go back in time and retake that picture of your dear grandmother as a teenager, so avoid the sorrow and keep multiple backups of all your photos.

1. Your Registry

A computer cannot function without a clean registry. Nothing you ever do on your computer gets done without checking the registry first. It’s what keeps your computer operating as it should, so it’s a great idea to make consistent backups. That way your system can be returned to an earlier state of proper functioning in the LIKELY event you run into problems. I would advise you backup the registry before you make any big changes to your computer such as installing a large program, or changing any significant system settings.

Please keep in mind that my top five list might not be the same as yours and that’s okay. Everyone uses their computer for different things and will therefore have different needs. If you only follow one of my suggestions though, I would recommend it be #1. Backup that Registry now, so you don’t regret it later.

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