The Many Duties of Insurance Advisors

Australians who are looking to purchase insurance will undoubtedly come across the term “insurance advisor” when they’re researching policies. This may lead to the question of what do insurance advisors in Australia do? The answer is that they do a lot and it’s to your benefit to work with one as you attempt to navigate the often complex world of insurance. Here are just a few of the ways an insurance advisor can help you out.

They Have an Extensive Network of Insurance Contacts

When you work with an insurance advisor, you’ll have access to many more insurance policy products than you will if you try to find one on your own. This is because an insurance advisor’s job is to know about all the possible products on the market and their unique features so they can appropriately advise their clients on which insurance policies are better options for them. 

Since insurance advisors don’t work for any one insurance company, they won’t push one policy over another if it doesn’t meet your needs. Instead, they will find a policy that has the features that benefit you the most.

Insurance advisors stay up to date on the market offerings so they will also let current clients know about new products that come out that could be better than what they already have. This means you don’t have to stay on top of the insurance field because you have someone doing it for you.

They Can Save You Money by Finding Policies With the Lowest Premiums

Searching for policies online or by calling around to different insurance companies is not very efficient and you may not be able to find the lowest premiums for the most benefits. An insurance advisor is already aware of the policies that best fit your needs and can focus on finding the ones that have the features you need at the lowest premiums.

They might even be able to negotiate lower premiums for you, depending on the type of policy and their relationship with the underwriters. 

As a result, you can save a significant amount of money by using an insurance broker to track down a policy that includes your must-have features. Not only that, but you’ll save time too, since you won’t have to spend hours scouring the Internet or making phone calls trying to find what an insurance advisor has already found.

Saving time and money sounds pretty great, right?

They Can Help You Resolve Claims

An insurance advisor’s role doesn’t end when you buy a policy through them. They will continue to support you whenever you have insurance needs. For instance, if you need to file a claim with your insurance company, they can help you with that process.

If you’re having trouble getting a claim paid, they can contact the insurance company on your behalf and get it resolved. Again, this saves you time and much aggravation from having to do it yourself.


Sure, you can attempt to find an insurance policy on your own, but why? An insurance advisor can do all the heavy lifting on your behalf and you can focus on other important things. Plus, since you don’t pay an insurance advisor (they get commissions from the insurance company), you really have nothing to lose.

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