The Japanese Disaster! Drill or Not to Drill, Nuclear Power vs. Oil and Coal.

I am intentionally going to keep this article very short and very simple.

Tar balls of weathered oil wash ashore Bon Secour NWR June 4, 2010

Here we sit in the good Ole’ USA unable to to drill for oil in the Gulf or in remote Alaska as our gas prices climb towards 4 or 5 dollars per gallon.  The worst thinkable oil disaster in U.S. History actually happened just last year in the Gulf.  Today, tar balls on the beach in Destin Fl. seem pretty minor compared to nuclear reactor melt downs in Japan.  Any idiot that believes we can fuel the US economy with Wind power is nothing more than an uninformed “blow hard” themselves.  Think about it … Drill Baby Drill!!!  Papa B.

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