The Importance of Efficient Boilers

boilerDuring these colder months, we rely heavily on our boilers to keep our homes cozy and our water hot.

As a result, we also face much higher energy bills in the winter, putting a strain on household finances.

A boiler that runs as efficiently as possible not only uses less energy to produce the optimal amount of heat, but also heats up quicker and maintains its heat for longer – not to mention breaking down a lot less.

The three factors that contribute to boiler efficiency

Boiler efficiency depends on a number of factors, chief among them being the age of the boiler, the frequency with which it is maintained and the type of boiler itself. Taking the age factor first, apart from the most expensive, older boilers are far more likely to waste energy than newer models.

Regular maintenance is also essential for peak efficiency – and to prevent those breakdowns which always seem to coincide with the coldest times of the year, such as the Christmas holidays. This is why the owners of rented properties are legally obliged to have the property’s boiler serviced every 12 months at least.

The three kinds of boiler

When it comes to the most energy-efficient types of boiler, other variables come into play. Combination boilers – which produce hot water on demand with heat exchanges while also heating radiators – are considered the most efficient for smaller households with lower hot water needs, because a hot water tank, which then has to be kept constantly warm alongside ,a separate cold water tank is not required. For homes that frequently require a large amount of hot water, traditional boilers are seen as more efficient, despite the extra energy costs of maintaining the hot water tank.

Making the switch to green energy

You may also wish to consider a highly energy-efficient eco-boiler, such as the latest biomass boilers. These are fueled by biomass pellets, compared to oil or gas, and as such are a great way of keeping bills down by making the switch to renewable energy. Under certain governmental schemes, homes, businesses and places like schools and hospitals can also receive a refund on their bill for any surplus energy produced from biomass boilers.

Beat the bills with a brilliant boiler

With energy prices increasing, while the need for comfortable homes and workplaces remains the same, the need for an efficient, cost-effective boiler is more important than ever. It’s worth taking the time to examine your own place’s boiler situation to check you’re getting the maximum bang for your buck.

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