The Best Exercises to Keep you Fit and Healthy

If you’re not a gymaholic or an athlete, hitting the treadmill will seem to be a daunting task for you. However, running on the treadmill, stationary bikes, and weight machines will be enough to make you go back home instead of wasting time on useless activities. However, one doesn’t need to dedicate several hours of their routine to the gym. Even a focused workout of around 30 minutes is enough to keep you fit and active. For your information, the focus of this feature will be on the exercise, especially if you want to stay active and become a better version of yourself. With a staggering number of diseases affecting millions of people globally, incorporating exercise in routine will emerge as the need of the hour. Here, we have shortlisted the best exercise for you:

Interval Training

This is inclusive of doing any sort of exercise at a steady pace. For instance, if you have decided to do a few sets of pushups, you can normally walk between the sets as a part of the break. This will eventually help you cool down a little and proceed with the workout at a higher speed. For instance, when people do push-ups, they tend to do the first few sets much faster than how the workout is concluded. Thankfully, interval training is best because it enables your body to keep up with the aerobic system, which consists of breathing, heart rate, and staunch metabolism. The ethos is to increase the strength of your body while going at a steady pace.


It is chanted as the best workout for the entire body. After all, the splashing waves of water are enough reasons for anyone to buy an interest in it. The buoyancy of the liquid will be full support for your body, so you can get rid of any joint pains and become a better version of yourself. There is enough evidence, which proves that swimming has incredible health benefits for the body and is highly beneficial for mental health. You can begin with water aerobics if you don’t have hands-on experience of swimming before. Even if you are suffering from a life-threatening disease and have already purchased a life insurance plan, it is recommended that you dedicate some part of the day to swimming to feel better.


As much as it sounds simple, it is a powerful workout in itself. Unfortunately, with most of us being stuck with the 9 to 5 shift, we seldom get off the chair and engage in physical activity. If you don’t know, the regular walk is good for the body because it keeps your muscles strong, lowers blood pressure, improves the blood cholesterol level, and improves mood. Especially if you are diabetic and on strong medications, walking regularly will bring a major change in your routine. Another study has revealed that walking can help in improving memory and can treat age-related memory issues to some extent.


Contrary to popular belief, the squats aren’t only restricted for the athletes or the gym-going folks. Squats are for everyone because they have a profound impact on the overall strength of the body. This exercise is a stunner because it enables you to lose belly fat and improve the muscle strength of the body. It consists of moving up and down at a regular pace. It resembles the idea of getting out of a chair. Once you begin to do squats every day, you will witness major improvement in the strength of the body.


They work with the same ethos as that of a squat. However, they will help in improving the muscle balance of the legs. All you have to do is, take a deep breath and take a big enough step in the forward direction. Once you form a 90 degree angle, you will keep your spine in a firm position. However, the trailing leg should be active as it will have to come forward as well. Then, you need to return to the standing position and repeat the process. Once you master the art of making the lunges properly, it will be easy for you to get rid of the extra belly fat and stay active.

The Plank

Often chanted as the father of the full-body workout, a plank can help you get rid of the extra belly fat and improve the overall strength of your body. The plant is acknowledged as one of the best exercises because it tightens all the muscles in your body. It’s a simple exercise that has to be done firmly. As the name implies, you have to assume the position of a plant. If you have seen a wooden plank, it will be easy to build a perspective on this ideology. All you have to do is, begin with the plank position and allow your toes to rest on the floor. Make sure to keep the torso straight with no bending in any part of the body. You can hold this position for the next 10 seconds to start and repeat this the process.


If you want to control the positive energy flowing in your body, yoga is the best option. It enables the body to become more flexible and relax in a stressful environment. One of the leading reasons why the world is shifting toward yoga is because it is beneficial for mental health as well. After all, it makes one feel more energetic, happier, and peaceful as well. The most intriguing thing about yoga is, it can be done anywhere. All you need to do is, be focused and try practicing different postures. Today, millions of people globally have embraced the power of yoga, as it can bring a considerable change in their lives. So once you master the art of yoga, you will see how it will have a profound impact on the quality of your life. Right now, the yoga experts are having a major moment globally because people are running towards them for a better life.

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