Style Tips for Boomers

Dressing for work is a lot more complicated than it was a generation ago. Whereas once a suit was de rigueur for the working woman, now, aside from for a few select professions, there are not many hard and fast rules when it comes to office attire. And when the latest trends include sheer fabrics and bold colors, it can be tough to look professional and fashionable at the same time.

One of the key tricks is to keep it simple. It’s very costly to completely overhaul your work wardrobe every season, so rather than trying to keep up with the latest fashion must-haves, invest in a few basic but good-quality pieces, be they a great pair of black trousers, a silk T-shirt or a beautifully tailored jacket. Enliven dark shades with a splash of color, such as a hot pink top under a black suit or even a black jacket over a colored dress. The key is to make the bright color the accent and not the main color.

Another effective way to bring your workwear bang up to date is with the latest accessories. Small touches like a chunky vintage watch or a statement necklace can transform a look from ordinary to ultra-stylish. Similarly, a brightly colored bag can add personality to an outfit, but without making you stand out like a Belisha beacon.

Trouser suits are also a winner when it comes to raising the fashion stakes at work. Some of the latest designs can be a little masculine, so opt for a silk T-shirt underneath rather than a fitted shirt for a look that’s casually feminine yet still elegant.

It’s important (of course!) to select clothing appropriate to your workplace; don’t push the boundaries if your working environment is an ultra-conservative one. Even in the most relaxed of surroundings it’s unlikely that sheer clothing, micro mini-skirts and low plunging tops will be deemed acceptable.

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