Spring Is Here – Round Up

Okay, technically it’s not spring, but we did have sun over the weekend and even flirted with 50 degree weather. Might not be complete shorts and flip flop weather yet; but one can still hope. Until spring actually gets here, take a look at some good posts from around the web.
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Reads of the Week

Not Made of Money | Saving For College: When You Shouldn’t Do It.
Squirrelers | The Disposition Effect.
Oblivious Investor | Your Personal Rate of Inflation.
Money Smarts Blog | TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage Review.
The Financial Blogger | 6 Superheroes Bloggers I Admire.
Bucksome Boomer | Resolutionize Your Finances: Insurance.
USNews – Money | The New Rules for Student Credit Cards.
Wealth Pilgrim | Credit Report Repair DIY For Dummies.
Generation X Finance | Are You Saving Too Much for Retirement?.
Couple Money | Baby Expenses and Budgets.
Frugal Dad | Planning a Wedding On a Budget.
Canadian Finance Blog | Five Big Flaws of Buy and Hold Investing.
My Dollar Plan | Tax Estimator to Calculate Your 2010 Tax Refund.
The Wisdom Journal | 57 Avoidable Tax Mistakes.
Sweating The Big Stuff |5 People Who Can Save You Time, Money, and Stress.
PT Money What Happens When You Stop Using Your Credit Cards?
Moolanomy | How to Become a Millionaire.
Soldier of Finance | You Don’t Have That Much Debt. Really?
Bible Money Matters | If You Itemize Your Taxes You’ll Have To Wait Til February To File.
Studenomics | How-to Have a Killer Business Lunch.
Good Financial Cents | 14 Tax Deductions for Small Business Owners.
Smart on Money | Social Security Changes For 2011.
Free From Broke |Do You Need to Adjust Your Tax Withholding?

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