Seniors and Dating: A Quick Guide to Find True Love…Again

Over 55 and single, ready to hit the dating scene! But as a senior, what exactly does that mean? Well, really, it means the same thing for seniors as it does for everyone else. Where do you meet people to date? Who asks who out? Where do you go for a first date? Who pays? Do you kiss on the first date? So many questions, there really should be a dating rule book.

The advantage that seniors have in dating over those of lesser ages, is life experience, and hopefully a good self identity. Knowing what you like, what you expect out of life, and what you want as far as a companion should give you the confidence to date and select partners that match your expectations and ideals. Younger folks often don’t have the life experience or relationship history to know what they want and therefore have less success in dating.

Where to Meet Potential Dates

There are the obvious places to look for potential suitors – church, social groups, family friends, book clubs, favorite restaurants, and activities (think bingo). The more involved you are with groups and activities that are of interest to you, the more likely you are to meet other like minded single individuals.

But it’s the less obvious places where you might have the most luck. Believe it or not, online dating for seniors is big business. Even the big dating sites like have a special area for seniors. While this might feel uncomfortable and not something you are used to, internet dating makes things a LOT easier. You can sift through matches to find those that have similar goals and interests to you. You can get to know them in a non-threatening way through email and chats before meeting in person. Using the internet opens up a whole pool of potential dates that you would otherwise probably not meet.

Dating Safely

Times have changed and meeting a guy at the local soda shop and letting him walk you home alone late at night probably isn’t the best idea nowadays. No mater where you met your potential date – in person or online, there are some safety precautions you should take.

  • Don’t exchange personal information and contact details too soon.
  • When you decide to meet for the first time, meet in a public place, preferable during the day.
  • Let someone know where you will be, with whom, and what time you are expected to return.
  • Carry a cellphone.

Dating Etiquette

Pretty much anything goes these days. The best rule is to just do what you feel comfortable with and right about. If you’ve always felt that you shouldn’t kiss on the first date, then don’t. If you want to call your date the next day to thank them for a great time, go ahead. Just be yourself and confident in all you have learned over the years.


Seniors entering the dating arena might be concerned that it could effect their social security or pensions should they find a mate and want to marry. Taking things one step at a time and just getting back into the dating game is the first step. Should things get serious with a potential suitor, then think about discussing options with a financial adviser.

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