Senior Citizen Dental Plans – Keep Smiling!

Senior dental plansFor senior citizens, having the right dental plan can be the difference between getting the dental care they need or not.

There are four major plans for seniors that offer different benefits at different prices. Finding the right one can be difficult, selecting the plan that’s right for you never is, but a little help and some information can be all that’s needed to make a proper, informed decision.

Lack of information shouldn’t keep anyone from getting the right plan for them, more so for senior citizens, and knowing exactly what you’re getting into is the first step to securing the perfect plan for yourself.

PPO Plan

The first plan offered to senior citizens is a PPO dental plan. The main reason most choose this plan is because of the ability to choose a dental care provider outside the network the plan specifies. This flexibility comes at higher premiums, and though the client is reimbursed, initial payment for the dental care provider will come out-of-pocket. Even with higher premiums, a PPO dental plan is less expensive than a traditional indemnity plan, and reimbursements are paid at a later date. For senior citizens who need to choose their own dentist, a PPO dental plan is a good option.

HMO Dental Plans

HMO dental plans are also offered to senior citizens, though they lack the flexibility that PPO plans have. A network of approved dental care providers is contracted at fixed prices to provide select services for HMO clients. Senior citizens are assigned to a panel of dentists and specialist, strictly limiting the choice of provider to citizens, though low premiums often leads many to choose a HMO plan over others.

Dental Indemnity Insurance

Dental indemnity insurance has flexibility and good rates for senior citizens. The client is allowed to choose their own dental care provider, and the insurance often covers 50%-80% of the cost. Though there is a lot of paperwork involved when filing a claim for reimbursement. Higher annual premiums and deductibles are also drawbacks to this plan as well, making it a bad choice for senior citizens.

Finally, the last plan is actually an alternative to insurance plans. Discount dental plans work much like membership at discount clubs; members pay for membership and receive discounts at select dental care providers, up to 60% on routine and major visits.  Monthly fees can start as low as $6.95 a month, and can work with existing plans if you’re left waiting.

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