Selling Your Home In Retirement

Retiring With Money

Retirement is the time in life everyone has been waiting for. The time when you can finally kick back and relax, perhaps finally getting that beach home you’ve always dreamed of, and spending your days doing what you love.

But you don’t quite have the funds to do all of that yet, and you’re not sure what you can do. The answer is easy, sell your home.

It’s not uncommon for people that have retired or are about to retire to sell their homes and jump start their retirement funds. In fact, there are some retirement plans that call for selling a home as the primary source of funds in a retirement plan.

Whether you’re hoping to start your retirement or supplement your retirement plan, selling a home can help you do both. But don’t start making plans just yet; there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you plan to sell your home.

Steps to Selling Your Home

The first step to selling your home is to make it look good, no one wants to buy a house that is in bad shape or needs repairs. Adding curb appeal to your house makes it feel like a home, and that’s what can draw in potential buyers, but you also need to de-clutter your home, making it neutral for the next owners to add their own style and personality to it. Cleaning up around your property is also important, and it’s just as important for the neighbors to clean up as well, having neighbors will messy lawns and homes can drive away potential buyers.

Modernization also attracts buyers, the kitchen and the bathrooms are aspects that all potential home-buyers look at, and making those two areas look appealing and new can be the difference between selling your home and being unable to sell it. Repairing your property is also important, and can be leveraged with a small loan if you can’t afford it out of pocket.

Talking to multiple realtors helps you find the best one to sell your home, if you want to use a realtor to sell it, though an advantage is that you won’t have to guess at pricing your home. And finally, making a great impression on the first day of an open house with the smell of fresh baked cookies shows buyers that your property is worth buying.

Selling your home for retirement shouldn’t be a hassle, and following these tips keeps it hassle free and easy.

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