Safety First: Make Sure Your Work Environment is Safe

If you are running a business then providing a safe working environment for your employees is essential. You as the business owner are fully responsible for you staff along with any visitors to your business premises, this could be suppliers, customers or just a friendly visitor. Accidents do happen but to ensure an accident at work compensation claim is not raised against you there are measures you can take. You should ensure you follow rules and regulations so that any potential accident claim against you is kept to a minimum to prevent major final repercussions.

Safety Officers

Health and safety is an area that cannot be overlooked and this can add to your workload as a manager but is absolutely necessary. The appointment of a health and safety officer will allow you to focus on other areas of your business. You will be able to relax in the knowledge that the care of your staff and visitors are in the hands of a professional. The health and safety officer will assist and provide planning and implementation of a health and safety scheme. All safety inspections will be carried out by the officer and they will suggest areas for improvement throughout the premises.

Working with your team

You should ensure that all your employees are up to date with any new developments that may affect their safety. This is particularly important to anyone within the construction industry or involved with manual labour work. If heavy machinery or machinery of any kind is being operated you have to ensure all staff receive instruction regarding any potential dangers.

RSI risks

According to studies carried out in 2007 RSI, or Repetitive Strain Injury is a very common condition, it is estimated that 22% and 40% of people show evidence of having it. As more and more professions are requiring people to use computers and so spend more time at their desk or even texting on the mobile, so RSI is no longer limited to a few certain professions. Ensuring a workstation is ergonomic will help your employees stave of RSI. The health and safety officer should run through the procedures such as positioning of equipment that is relevant to what the employee is using.

Emergency plans

As the manager of your business, with your health and safety officer you should ensure an emergency plan is in place. Emergency plans should outline where assembly points are located throughout the premises, and contain a map of the layout and location of your business premises. A list of emergency numbers and a comprehensive first aid kit with evacuation plans and strategy of recovery are important elements to contain within your emergency plan.

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