Royalty Resource Network Named in Advanced Fee Loan Deception

Scammers are able to quickly open and close a scam in a matter of days, by using disposable cell phones, free e-mail accounts and remotely routed toll-free numbers. In this case if you call the toll-free number given by RRN it rings as a fast busy signal. Other companies related to this scam are the Vintage Consumer Network and Forum Family Services. The names were possibly choose for their friendly connotations.

Attorney General McGraw’s Consumer Protection Division has referred the complaints against these three companies as well as other across-the-border advance-fee loan scams, to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. The Centre is a joint task force of the Ontario Provincial Police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Competition Bureau Canada.

These advance fee loan scams unfortunately attract a number of people who are desperate to get loans and sadly pay money, never to see it again.

This guest post is by Steve Rhode. Steve is a consumer debt expert that helps people for free to learn and avoid scams. Feel free to report a scam if you know of one.

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