Retirement Jobs.Com:One Stop Resource For Boomers

Are you over the age of 50 and looking for a job?  With the struggling economy, you may have exhaused all your means in finding future employment.  Did you ever think to look on-line? If not, maybe you should.  Welcome to

What is Retirement

Retirement is a one stop resource for folks over the age of 50 that are need of employment.  Currently, they are sponsored by the AARP and have plenty of links to their resourcess.  By simply entering in your zip code and the type of profession you are seeking (for example: sales or education).  In a quick flash, you’ll find out if any opportunities exist in your area.  It’s really that easy! Wait, there’s more….

Resume Building On Retirement Is not just for job searches.  It also acts as a database where potential applicants can post their resumes for hundreds of companies to see.  Who know, your future employer could find your resume uploaded to this site.

What if your resume needs some work?  They have free resources that can get your resume on track.  If that isn’t enough, they offer a complete Resume Service for $229.  Here’s what the service includes taken directly from their website:

Have your resume written by a professional writer:

  • Personal attention by phone and email
  • Proven format and language for age 50+ job seekers
  • Tailored to your interests and occupational objective
  • Resumes complete in as little as one week
  • Your “admission ticket” to job interviews and opportunities
  • Seasoned, expert professional resume writers

Is this all really necessary for $229?  That’s a decision you’ll have to ask yourself.  If your resume needs some serious fine tuning, and you have no clue how to tune it, then $229 might be the difference between your next job and a continued search through the classifieds.

You can also use services such as Resume Rabbit. They will ensure that your resume will Be seen by 1.5 million employers & recruiters instantly! Click Here

Need Financial Advice?

What if your job situation is taken care of but you just need help managing your finances?   The site also offers a referral service to financial advisors in your area that have been screened by them.  According to the site the financial advisors have been chosen because they have met the following minimum qualifications:

  • Willing to offer you a complimentary consultation
  • Experienced
  • Licensed
  • Independent
  • Contractually obligated to ensure your complete privacy
  • Only ONE Financial Advisor can contact you per local area

If you have been in the market for a local financial advisor, then this might be the perfect fit to you.

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