Retire on the Water – St. Joseph, MI

sj1Retire on the water?  St. Joseph, Michigan!  Are kidding me?

We went from Florida, to South Carolina, to Washington State.  How someone at CNN Money chose Michigan I am not sure!   This is a state where you may be able to literally retire on the water for part of the year … and you don’t even need a boat!  No wonder they call it CNN Money … It must have taken someone a lot of money to get it listed as one of the best six places to retire on the water.

Personal experience in choosing retirement Locations.

I remember when I left the company I worked for for 33+ years and had not quite yet decided to retire.  I was testing the waters for nice locations that I could continue my career and eventually retire.  I was approached by recruiters on more than one occasion to relocate to this exact area.  I thought they were nuts and would not even consider an interview.   A couple of my friends also actually moved to the Benton Harbor/ St. Joe area  when they relocated to Whirlpool Corporate Headquarters.   They stayed just long enough to get another job before they had to survive the next winter.  But, let’s try to be fair and visit St. Joe anyway!

Welcome to St. Joseph Michigan

sj2One of the first things mentioned on the  the Home  Page for City of St. Joseph is that it is only 90 miles from Chicago.  That doesn’t sound real encouraging!  St. Joseph, also known as St. Joe, is a deep water port town that is part of a chain of small towns stretching in an arc along the southern portion of Lake Michigan.  It is a community of 8,800 people within the larger Benton Harbor/ St. Joseph area of 162,000 people.   The St. Joseph Lighthouse stands in the middle of the port activities.  Some call  St. Joe “The Riviera of the Midwest”.   I haven’t quite figured out that connection yet.  Take a tour!

According to Newsweek, ” Given Michigan’s reputation as a land of harsh winter weather, it is safe to assume that it will never be a destination of choice for retirees desiring to live in a warmer, more hospitable climate”  It goes on to say, “While the seniors migrating to Michigan to spend their retirement years may be minimal, there are obviously substantial numbers, in fact the vast majority of Michigan residents, who, upon retirement, choose to remain here, either to take advantage of the affordable cost of livng or remain close to family and friends”.  I guess if you decide you have to stay in Michigan, compared to the rest of the state, St. Joe ain’t so bad!

Things to do?

sj4-snow-shovelGolf – Summer only.  There are several golf courses in the area.  I actually played a few of them myself.  Every golf course I played in Michigan was green and lush and in very good condition.  I was told they all stay that way because they don’t get the extended play throughout the year due to the weather.  Fishing – good.  Water skiing – you are kidding, we are talking retirees!  Shoveling snow – plenty to keep you busy!

The Weather!

sj51Weather in the winter Blows!  Today is Monday January 12, 2009.  The forecast for the rest of the week in St. Joe is best summarized as this follows:
Monday (Hi 27F/ Lo 19F,  20% chance of Snow) – Doesn’t suck as much as tomorrow!
Tuesday (Hi 21F/ Lo 2F,  100% chance of snow) – Sucks!
Wednesday (Hi 11F/ Lo 4F, 80% chance of snow) – Really sucks!
Thursday ( Hi 7F/ Lo 5F,  70% chance of snow) – Sucks even more!
Friday ( colder Hi 7/Lo -1F,   only 30% chance of snow) – Continues to suck!
Visibilty for much of the week is less than 1/4 mile!
Air Quality for all five days is good if you you can stand to go out side in the cold and snow!
Summer is really nice, but doesn’t last long.

The Positive Side … this Publicity Picture!

sj61I was considering leaving this space blank!  But, living is affordable.  If you don’t want to be bothered by unwanted visitors most of the year, it could be a good place to retire.  If you are from Michigan and plan to stay, it is one of the best places to retire in the state.  If you need to make a little money on the side,  in the winter you can shovel snow!

And finally,  If you are a strong believer in Global warming, it may be the place to retire … in a few thousand years!

The Negative Side … the rest of the pictures!

Too cold more than half the time!  Read all of the above!


Retire on the water!  St. Joseph, Michigan?  You gotta be kiddin! … Not Me!

I’m not saying it is the worst place to retire on the water, but it is definitely not one of the top 6 or 6000.  In fact, I love the water, and if I owned a home there and was  getting ready to retire, I would probably sell it and move to Florida , South Carolina or anywhere else I could enjoy the water at least half the time.  Or, maybe that’s just Me!  Papa B.

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