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sequim-1So far we visited Dunedin, FL and Beaufort, SC as two of the top six places to retire on the water.  If these first two locations didn’t catch your eye, our third just might.  Just 3,048 miles from Beaufort and 3,236 miles from Dunedin is our third place of interest.  It offers coastal living, majestic mountains, and no hurricanes.  If you really don’t like the east coast lifestyle, or you are concerned about the threat of tropical weather you just might love retirement in Sequim, Washington.  Try a Virtual Tour!

West Coast Living for Boomers

Sequim, (pronounced “skwim”) lies in the Dungeness Valley, between the serene waters of sequim-31the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains.  Its natural beauty may be unsurpassed.  It has small town charm with big city amenities.  In addition to large retail shops and coffee shops, you will find antiques, gallaries, murals, and restaurants ranging from five star establishments to roadside stands.  In the Sequim Open Aire Market local growers sell produce and artisans sell their handcrafted items.  You can pick your own berries, dig clams, and don’t forget Sequim is famous for their Dungeness crab.

What is there for a Boomer to do?

Sequim has three local golf courses, boat launches, public beaches and offers biking, kayaking and much more.  If you prefer just bring your binoculars and enjoy the majestic beauty.  It is just about a half hour from the ferry to Victoria, British Columbia or an hour and a half from the Seattle Ferries.

I hear it rains a lot in Washington

Sequim has been dubbed the “blue hole” by pilots as they fly over.  That is not to say it doesn’t rain there, but the sun shines more in Sequim than anywhere else in western Washington.  It gets about 18 inches of rain per year with enough mix of sun to keep it lush and green most of the time.  Although the Olympic Mountains are snow capped for most of the year, very little snow falls in Sequim Valley.  Residents start complaining about the heat when the temp hits 80 degrees.

The good stuff

Mild temperatures and climate, majestic mountains, coastal advantages.  Small town charm with big city amenities.  No Hurricanes or tropical storms!  May be just right for Boomers who can’t stand the heat!

The not so good

If you plan to swim, the water is a bit nippy.  If you like to visit places like our first two locations you better buy plane tickets or have plenty of time to drive (two days drive time).  Hope the kids live near (or maybe not!)

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