Retire by the Water – Beaufort, SC

beaufort-2Here’s our second installment on the the top 6 places to retire by the water.  This time we’re heading up the coast from the first spot.  The second is fairly well known from a Hollywood perspective, often being used for movies hoping to represent The South.  Now I definitely have you curious, don’t I?  Without further ado, the second stop on our list is no other than Beaufort, South Carolina.

Living on the Intra-Coastal Waterway

Beaufort, SC is nestled in the curve of a beautiful bay along the Intra-Coastal Waterway.  It offers a unique Low country living experience in the lasting memories of real southern hospitality.  It is a region steeped in rich history and scenic natural beauty.

Discover the Historic Downtown

beaufort-51Step back in the history of this 300 year old town into the National Landmark District adorned with architectural details preserved with great care and compassion.  This area boasts artifacts representing the Native American, Spanish, and French history.  Along with your cultural exploration, visit the wide variety of shops that line the streets of the district.  Take time to wander off the beaten path to enjoy additional shopping and dining unique to Beaufort.  It features casual eateries, cozy bistros, or world class restaurants, some of which offer waterfront dining with breathtaking views of the Beaufort River and Low country marshlands.beufort-4

Beaufort has been used as a setting for movies such as Forrest GumpThe Prince of Tides, and The Big Chill . Its historic mansions and moss-covered oaks provide a perfect historic southern setting.  Located on the Intra-Coastal Waterway, it has far more to offer.

Plenty for all to enjoy

Renowned for its charming harbor along the Port Royal Sound and maintaining a historical character, Beaufort attracts tourists and new residents alike.  If you are a boater, you can access the Atlantic Ocean, visit the many islands, or just enjoy the sandbars and beaches along the way.  Beaufort County also offers plenty of of top notch golf courses and resort activities.  The famous Hilton Head is just 40 miles away.beufort-8

The Plus Sides

Plenty of good golf close by.  Great medical care is available in the area.  Located near Duke University the local hospital is affiliated with Duke.  Well maintained historic charm and southern hospitality.  Temperatures more moderate than Florida. And if you are a huge Bluedevil fan, than that makes it that much more perfect. Personally, I’m not, so that offers no extra incentive for me.

The Down Side

Taxes are higher than some places.  While homes in the area along fairways are in hot demand, the most prized real estate in Beaufort is the well kept historic houses near downtown Beaufort starting at $500,000.  In newer areas just 10 miles away nice homes average closer to $300,000.  Tropical weather is always a concern in coastal areas.  Depending on where the grand-kids live it could be a long way to visit. For Papa Boomer, I like the idea of living close to the water, but just a little too far from my grandson.  Might be a good place to take him to visit when he gets older.

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