Reducing Car Insurance Rates For American Workers

There are hard-working Americans driving to and from their jobs every day in order to maintain a living.  The cost of commuting is made evident to workers every month, who are required to pay for rising fuel costs, as well as car insurance to legally be out on the road.

Rising gas prices required people to forfeit a significant percentage of their paychecks for years, though the rate that prices raise has slowed down in the past year.  However, car insurance rates in many states continue to rise year over year, leaving many drivers questioning whether paying insurance is worth the cost, despite the legal consequences.

The state of California is one of the few states where rising car insurance rates remained reasonably in check compared to other jurisdictions.  Californians approved increased oversight of the Consumer Watchdog in 1998, which ensured car insurance quotes from major providers were relatively flat over the last two decades.  According to the Consumer Federation of America, the annual cost of car insurance rose over $300 annually between 1989 and 2010, while rates in California remained flat over the same timeframe.

Car insurance rates vary by provider, with some companies charging hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars more than others.  Unfortunately many Americans don’t realize that they can find more affordable options by comparing the quotes from various providers, which is very important for drivers in states without the California Consumer Watchdog.

One way that many drivers look for the best deals is to shop around online.  There are car insurance comparison sites that review the terms of the plans, their corresponding rates, and any potential discounts available based on the age, location, employment, or other factors in the profile of the driver.  This data can all be reviewed from the comfort of home rather than spending time negotiating with insurance agents, which eliminates the pressure of committing to a plan.

Insurance, like taxes, is an expense that is legally required that results in significant financial penalties otherwise.  But there are ways to keep the legal expenses down – you just need to find the offers that are best suited for you.

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