OMG! What is Obama Thinking? or Smoking?

Obama vs. McCrystalobama-smokingmccrystal …

……  It is beyond my belief that the President is such a narcissist that he really believes that after spending ZERO time in the military he knows more than the career general he appointed to run the war in Afghanistan.  What is he thinking?  Or Smoking?  Is it really more important to save the Democratic seats in the November elections than to protect our troops in Afghanistan and possibly lose all that has been gained?  It may seem to be a tough decision, but who has more insight and experience when it comes to the military?  Obama and ”The Boys” … or the General?  Chicago politics has no place in the White House.  You already got the White House … time to quit campaigning and do your job!  Time to get rid of the “The Boys”.  Get rid of Raum Emanual!OBAMA/ Get rid of David Axelrod!Axelrod Get rid of Robert Gibbs.  It is time to answer the tough questions yourself and quit avoiding them.  Come on “Pres”  no one is questioning whether you are a Hawk or a Dove, but it  ain’t cool to be a pussy!   obama_smoking_joint

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