Old dog, new tricks? You bet!

It’s a well-established idea that older people are intimidated by technology, but the research says just the opposite. Reports from companies like Microsoft and publications like Social Work Today continue to unveil a surprising trend–not only are seniors comfortable with technology but they genuinely like it! If you fall into this age group and are wondering what technology has in store for you, here are five benefits of incorporating new age tools into your everyday life.

Stay connected, even if you live alone. 

One of the most important ways in which technology can be rewarding is by giving you a chance to be connected with your loved ones, even if you find yourself immobile or living far away from them. Programs like Skype, which allows users to make voice and video calls, can make it seem like your loved ones are always with you by enabling you to communicate with them any time.

Use it to track your personal information from home.

Some uses of new technology are universal; taking care of tasks like finances or tracking your health information are functions that everyone can benefit from, no matter how old he or she is. Signing up for online banking, going to your doctor’s office’s website to make appointments and downloading an app for your pharmacy are all examples of useful tech tools that are easy to use.

Be entertained!

Of course, staying connected with new technology isn’t all work and no play. One of the best ways to pass the time is to find ways to entertain yourself. The same devices that you use to keep track of personal information and to stay in touch with family and friends also offer a world of entertainment options, such as television and movie subscriptions via sites like Netflix and Hulu. You’ll also have access to all the games you want to play via social networks like Facebook. You could even try sites to sell your video games, transforming your personal entertainment into a money-making opportunity.

Use it to share your life. 

If you’re the type that likes to keep a journal, then starting a blog could be the perfect tech solution for you. Blogs are a way to publish your daily thoughts and events online for other people to see. They are also fun to design using templates that even amateur computer users can master in no time. They’re great for keeping your family up to date, and you can even make yours “invite only” so that only the people you approve get to read it.

Stay mentally sharp with mobile apps.

Whether you love to read, do crosswords or study the latest advances in the hobby of your choice, you can use technology to do these things while also staying sharp mentally. Electronic tablets like the Kindle or the iPad are perfect for downloading books in seconds, or if you have a smartphone, you can also search for word games or daily readings in a particular subject area. When it comes to intelligence, If you don’t use it, you lose it. However, these programs will make sure that will never happen.


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