Oil and Gas Production Programs in America

I’m sure most are familiar with the phrase “Drill baby drill!”   Who isn’t right?  What a lot of people don’t realize is the amount of oil and gas programs that are currently in existence.    There are several existing sponsored by various companies.  Here’s a breakdown of the some of the major players in the oil and gas production programs.

Oil and Gas Production Programs in America

Merrick Systems

Merrick systems are a forerunner in the global market for oil and gas software for engineering and operations. They offer companies information related to technology for increasing production and efficiency of operations of various companies.

Their program generally delivers combined applications for real time observation and optimization, field processes organization including management, field data summarizing and mobile calculating for field and drilling operations and ruggedized RFID for asset and drilling administration.


Geosoft is providing technology for mapping, interpretation, and modeling that are currently available due to the increase in technology of the field. Technology has advanced to allow increased use of field data in oil and gas investigation.

Modeling solutions include information related to optimizing conception of gravity and magnetic data that assists in determining locations of potential oil and gas pools and reservoirs.


BLM has one of the most vital mineral leasing programs in our American government. Domestic production from over more than 60,000 onshore federal oil and gas wells account for 11 percent of Americas natural gas supply in addition to 5 percent of our nation’s oil. Exceeding $15 billion in 2004 was the value of the oil and gas produced. Although we don’t have the current figures, this amount has persisted in increasing.

With the emergence of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, BLM has created seven Federal Permit Processing Pilot Offices in the following states; Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico. The states of Colorado and Wyoming have two offices. This pilot program is a means to efficient management process which includes innovative and developing technologies.


Forming a merger with Landmark (a brand of Halliburton) to address the needs of the oil and gas community as well as the American economics of oil and gas usage.

Landmark has developed a Decision Space Production Solution (DSPS) to the issue. This will advance the digital field of oil for the future of oil and gas production. Embedded Pavilion technology can utilize real-time information to generate information related to any oil reserve. This information contains asset consciousness, decision support system that permits supervision by omission, computerized or automated construction workflows and arranges the alliance if required to realize and sustain production is at its ideal level.

These are only a few of the current oil and gas production programs currently going on in and around our nation.

There are countless more programs and strategies in place to assist in one this, one of the largest undertakings in our nation’s history. The outcome is vital for the existence of our life as we know it.

In a time of growing demand as well as expensive production the oil and gas community is challenged to find novel and emergent ways to efficiently ways to produce mature as well as new reservoirs. Discovery costs have declined by more than 70%, but development and production have continued to increase. This is measuring over the last 20 years.

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