My Quick Refund Review — Nobody is Immune From Scammers

In this article, I’d like to talk about My Quick Refund, the company fighting online scams and helping victims get their misappropriated money back.

Online Fraud Can Affect Anyone

The unsuccessful experience of thousands of traders proves that special skills and deep knowledge don’t guarantee 100% protection against scammers. You can read several books a month, have a university degree, regularly check out new educational content, and still find yourself caught up in a scam.

Every year fraudulent schemes become more and more sophisticated. With the advent of the Internet, scammers invented dozens of ways to deceive gullible citizens and remain anonymous to avoid criminal liability.

Each type of scam targets a specific group of people, so there is no pattern like “Only newbies can find yourself dealing with a scam broker.” The variety of methods of egregious deception is the main reason why everyone should know how to get their money back in case of encountering swindlers. In addition, there are other web fraud issues related to credit cards, blackmail, romantic scams, and so on.

No one is immune from illegal activities on the network because cybersecurity is still an obscure topic for many people. The main misconception of most deceived individuals is that crimes exist only in the real world, not in the virtual.

I was deluded about an online scam as well, but just until I experienced it myself and lost a significant amount of my capital.

Reasons Why People Trust Scammers

While searching for an appropriate chargeback agency, I came across several thousand offers; however, only a few of them had positive feedback from trusted trading news portals, blogs, and forums. By the way, the content of the found reviews is really worth mentioning because they reveal why people trust scammers.

The first reason is a beautifully-designed website. Many people still consider developing their own web projects an expensive and time-consuming process, but it’s not a true statement anymore.

Templates and themes created for popular free content management systems allow launching websites effortlessly and quickly. They let scammers create dozens of professional-looking sites a week.

The second reason for confidence is fake certificates. Many novice traders don’t know that every broker must be regulated, which can be easily checked in the open sources — on the official web resources of financial authorities. The third reason is excellent support at the initial stage and free assistance in pre-sales chat.

However, most scammers are outstanding manipulators, so you shouldn’t trust anyone who shows a fair amount of respect and engagement. So, the reasons are quite trivial, so everyone can protect themselves by checking and analyzing all the data about the broker you are interested in.

However, if you have already fallen victim to a scam, it is extremely important to act quickly and contact the fund’s recovery company.

Chargeback Services

So, let’s find out in what cases the fund’s recovery organization can help. The company’s official website contains a separate section in a convenient dropdown menu where you can find the available chargeback services. My Quick Refund offers expert assistance in issues related to forex, credit card, cryptocurrency, binary options, CFD, online banking, and romance scams.

In my case, the company provided support in a cryptocurrency fraud matter. A wide range of services is good news since you are dealing with a truly reliable company, which I was convinced of even before cooperation. The company was among those with many good reviews on the web.

How Things Work

The first stage of joint work on returning funds is a free individual consultation with a company representative. As I have witnessed from my own experience, the procedure is truly free and requires you to describe your case in detail.

An employee of the company will ask all the necessary questions to make sure that your case has sufficient potential for success. More serious work begins at the second stage. Here you must present strong evidence that will help you win the case: screenshots of correspondence with broker managers and personal accounts, betting results, etc.

In addition, screenshots from the bank application indicating a successful transaction or bank statements and other evidence from third-party verified sources must be introduced.

Later, the company will help you file a charge against the broker correctly. Even if a scammer’s website has already been deleted and you have no idea how to contact them, the My Quick Refund team includes an excellent cybersecurity department to help you find a legal way to get in touch with swindlers.

In some cases, it happens that the broker agrees to any conditions to avoid a real threat from the court and the authorities. So probably, they won’t mind bringing your money, and the whole procedure will be limited to resolving the issue through the bank.

Otherwise, things are about to get much more complicated since you still have to take the case to court. However, the chargeback companies usually don’t allow the situation to worsen due to their confident skills and experience.

By the way, My Quick Refund has more than 2892 won cases in its background. Probably, it was the wisdom gleaned from these cases that helped their team get my money back without bringing the matter to a lawsuit.


Choosing a funds recovery agency should be as careful as choosing a broker. Check reviews from previous customers, research the terms of cooperation, explore all the details before making a final decision.

Please note that a truly reliable company doesn’t provide financial advice and doesn’t assist in trading itself but helps recover misappropriated funds.

My Quick Refund is a great example of an organization that boasts great reviews from trusted sources, exceptional case win statistics, and testimonials from satisfied clients.

Remember that the fight against scammers not only helps to return the money to the individual but prevents the further spread of the disease called “scam”.

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