Money Management Tips for Online Hobbies

Most of us have been there at one time or another. Spent a little too much and regretted it for a few days. But with so much online and not being required to physically hand money over – online spending can get out of control pretty quickly. 

You can apply many of the same money management tips that you use in the real world online too. 

When it comes to your hobbies, though, it is crucial that you are doing something you enjoy – online gaming, listening to music, puzzles, reading blogs, watching influencer content – whatever it is, keep these top tips in mind. 

Studies show that hobbies make us happier, and that means it is essential that you find one or many that you can fall in love with. There isn’t just one hobby you can enjoy; there are hundreds online and offline. 

Some hobbies are much more expensive than others, and you might get too carried away before you notice how much you are spending. 

So here are some tips to make sure you can enjoy the happiness of the hobby without ending up in an overdraft to pay for it. 

Enthusiastic start 

For example, say you have been admiring some cosplay costumes, and you realize that the helmet and other parts are made using Papakura. Using paper models, resin, and other materials to create something solid and wearable. 

While you don’t need to spend hundreds on materials, with this type of hobby, it is very easy to get carried away and spend out on things you might not even be sure you are going to use. 

Look for blogs and guides on what might be the lowest cost budget items that can help you explore the hobby further. This is even more important if you have a habit of hobby jumping. 

Online hobbies often have a much lower bar, but if you enjoy a game that is packed with extra features for your character – and you can buy them with real money – you might be tempted to break the bank to look fabulous in the game. 

Just think about whether you need it or want it? And if you only want it, can it wait?

Free Options

The wonderful thing about the internet is that if you can find it, you can probably find it for free. Say that one of your hobbies is taking photos and turning them into pixel art, watercolors, or just editing photos in general. There are some costly software and software bundles that can set you up badly. 

Although you might want to go with what the review says is best, it can be beneficial to look at what the free options are first. Often many of the less technical features will be available on a free version – and you might also find it doesn’t take up as much memory too. 

Before committing to any subscriptions or large software purchases, have a look around for free options and really test them out. Many people will try them once, compare them to the better-known branded software and not come back. 

The gaming industry are well known for offering free versions of their games, by either offering demo modes or credits to be redeemed against games. There are now a whole range of UK gambling sites online which utilise free options by offering new sign-up punters a plethora of promotions including free credits for bets and features such as free spins to be redeemed on slot games. By using such tactic, players are able to get a feel for the site and the games before using their own money, controlling what they spend.

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If a few rounds of poker is your hobby, then unless you have a healthy bankroll, it is a good idea to allow yourself specific days and times to play. Cheaper hobbies like walking, drawing, or listening to music can be done anytime.

But if you know you will be spending cash when you play, then it is better to have a timetable for that spending. Online spending can stack up pretty quickly when you aren’t looking. 

Sinking Fund 

It is very easy to feel guilty about the money that you are spending on a hobby – because many people would ask – what’s the point? 

But hobbies make us happier, and in the end, we should enjoy life where we can and how we truly want to. 

And to that end, creating a sinking fund that is a small savings pot, with the idea that you will spend the money on the hobby and you will not feel guilty about it, is a good idea. 

When you move money into an account that is designed for spending on your hobby – your hobby fund – it’s the green light to spend it how you want. 


We might not always notice, but many of us have triggers that will mean we spend more. Marketing professionals know that and will create offers that are targeted enough to press your triggers. 

It might also be outside triggers that get you ready to spend cash. Before you hit the buy button on something for your hobby or top up your account – do you need the item? Most of the time, the answer is no. We don’t need it, but we do want it! 

Try to spot any of your spending triggers and work on minimizing them. A small step that can stop you from making financial commitments that you aren’t prepared to.

As we get older, it can be more challenging to find time for our hobbies, and even more so, our budgets get squashed with other responsibilities. Creating a budget that works for your whole family is a must: Top 7 Money-Saving Tips For Growing Families – Consumer Boomer; just remember to add in hobby cash! 

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