Light Keeper Pro – Great Gadget

light-keeperI borrowed this gadget from a friend who was amazed by what it could do.  I was somewhat skeptical so I borrowed his rather than buy one.  After I used it, I had to have one.  This is an amazing little tool.  If you are a gadget guy like me, you gotta get one.

Holiday Lights Can Be Frustrating

If you have ever messed with holiday lights, you know the frustration of bringing the lights out of the attic that worked fine when you put them away, and now that you are ready to use them again whole sections of lights in the stand no longer work.  The next several hours you to spend way too much time trying to find that one bad bulb until you finally get frustrated, pitch them and buy new.  Sometimes the stands of lights are even brand new.

Quite The Neat Little Gadget

This amazing tool fixes them by simply removing any one of the unlit bulbs in the section, plugging the open socket into this tool, and pulling the trigger a few times.  Miraculously, the lights that weren’t working light up and the bad section in the stand is fixed.  Remove the tool and place the removed bulb back into the socket.  This thing really does work.  It also has other features that work for different problems.  It is really handy for pre-lit trees.

It is a little pricey at $18.88, but if you have ever dealt with this problem before you will really appreciate it.  I recommend it.

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