Get Higher Return Five Year Notes With Lending Club

If you’ve visited the blog before, then you’ll how much I love Lending Club.  In cased you missed it you can review my introductory review post and my post on how to get a no fee IRA with Lending Club.   I just logged into my account and currently my rate of return on my Lending Club portfolio is 9.54%.   When’s the last time you could say making over 9% on your 401k?  (Sorry to bring up any tucked away emotions from the past year).  It’s been nice having a piece of my portfolio make some dough and now they just enrolled away to make more with their five year notes.   Here’s some info on why you can make more Lending Club:

Make more with lending club five year notes

Make even more with Lending Club Fiver Year Notes

Earn from 1.12% to 3.24% more interest

By investing in 60-month Notes, you earn more interest while diversifying your investment portfolio beyond 36-month Notes. To enjoy the longer repayment term of 60 months, borrowers with the same credit profile and loan amount are modified by 3 or 6 grades. They pay a higher interest rate, so you earn from 1.12% to 3.24% more.

Lower impact of service fee

With 60-month Notes, you will experience even better net annualized returns after a lower impact of our service charge: 0.45% on a 60-month Note vs. 0.71% on a 36-month Note on average.

Cash out anytime on our Trading Platform

Turn your Notes into cash anytime: it takes less than 5 days to sell Notes on the secondary market. Lending Club investors can sell both 36-month and 60-month Notes on our Trading Platform, operated by FolioFN.

Start investing in 60-Month Notes now

There are hundreds of Loans to choose from. You can filter our inventory based on your investment criteria: 36-month, 60-month or both.

Investing with Lending Club is super easy.  Their platform is very easy to use and you can invest and start making money in minutes.   Even if you have a diversified mutual fund portfolio, lending club can be a piece of your portfolio that is not subject to market risk.

Ready to open an account with Lending Club?  It doesn’t take much to get going.  Get started today and start making some money off your investments.

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