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Have you ever thought about investing in silver premium coins? While gold is usually the preferred asset of investment, silver remains to be a prized asset as well. 

It offers long-term value and protects investors during uncertain times. This commodity is an excellent choice for preserving your wealth in these challenging times. Silver coins trigger the curiosity of both investors and collectors. You can lay hands on them by looking at the inventories of precious metal leaders. 

These are some of the premium coins that Lear Capital has in its gallery. 

Morgan Silver Dollar ($1)

The Morgan dollar was created according to the design of George T. Morgan. The obverse represents Miss Liberty with her lovely hair in a Phrygian cap, and the word liberty is inscribed on a band. The reverse depicts an eagle with his wings spread widely, which holds three arrows and a branch. The motto “In God we trust” is inscribed in Old English at the top. 

As far as the composition is concerned, the Morgan dollar is made of 0.900 silver and 0.100 copper, weighing 412.5 grams. Given it was minted in hundreds of millions of pieces, collectors won’t have any difficulties acquiring a Morgan dollar of any grade. 

Buyers shouldn’t look for dates between 1905 and 1920, as production was stopped during this time. The largest part of the pieces was produced in Philadelphia. Check out this profile of the 1895 proof Morgan Silver Dollar. 

Peace Silver Dollar ($1)

Another premium coin to factor in is the Peace Silver Dollar, which is referred to as such in honor of world peace. The world peace motif is depicted through the eagle on the back side that seems at peace while perched on a rock. The laurel branch is another symbol of peace featured on the front side. 

The tails side depicts Miss Liberty wearing a magnificent diadem of spikes. Mintage was unobstructed from 1921 to 1928 and once again from 1934 through 1935. Common issue specimens produced from 1921 to 1925 can be obtained in different grades. However, this isn’t true for the uncirculated pieces of impeccable quality, full luster, and just a few marks, which are indeed scarce. 

Walking Liberty

In the opinion of many investors, the motif of Walking Liberty is definitely the loveliest ever minted. The composition of this silver coin was maintained over the entire wartime period. The obverse portrays Miss Liberty walking in the direction of the sun. Her right arm is stretched out, while her left arm is used for carrying a bunch of branches. 

The tails side illustrates an eagle resting on a steep cliff and a pine branch growing from the crag. This pine branch symbolizes strength. Most numismatics find this motif extremely beautiful and appealing. The person responsible for the design was Adolph A. Weinman. The Walking Liberty coins are available in grades from good to superb. Those minted in the 1940s can be found more easily than the rest of the issues. 

Benjamin Franklin (1/2 Dollar)

The number of Benjamin Franklin coins struck during the 1948-1963 timeframe was surprisingly high.  Precious metal leaders, namely Lear Capital, provide a large selection of premium silver coins, including Benjamin Franklin pieces. The Franklin coins outline the head and shoulders of Franklin facing right on the front, whereas the tails side pictures the liberty bell. 

When these pieces were first issued, there was certain criticism regarding the design. Many thought it was relatively plain compared to other more intricate designs. Nevertheless, nowadays, Benjamin Franklin pieces are considered of high value. Proofs were produced from 1950 to 1964. 

American Eagle Silver Proof

The American Eagle Proof is a special version of the official bullion coin meant for collectors. Each piece contains an ounce of .999 fine silver. The proof coins produced by the US mint have a background with a mirror-like effect. Proof blanks are polished, cleaned, and treated to ensure high quality. Each proof has a W mark and comes packed with a certificate of authenticity. 

Moreover, these coins illustrate the Walking Liberty design by Adolph A. Weinman, which is a favorite of the public and a classic. At the moment, American Eagles are the only collectibles approved by the US government for IRAs. 

America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful bullion coins are of superior quality. Each specimen contains five troy ounces of .999 fine silver. They feature a unique format and spark the interest of numerous collectors and investors. Since their number is limited, the value for collectors is incredibly high. This article, https://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/silver-standard.asp, provides a better understanding of the silver standard. 

In conclusion

Whichever of these pieces you decide to own, you will be adding value to your portfolio or collection. 

Let the experts assist you with the choice of premium coins!

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