Is It Time to Short Gold?

All kinds of advertisements and companies have been promoting buying gold as an investment for a number of years now. You are always hearing about how you should buy gold for a secure investment, and that it is the future of our finances while we are in such a financial crisis and have a lot of insecurities about our financial futures. Many believe though that with all of this activity, gold has been overbought and that the gold market will eventually drop and there will be vast amounts of people trying to sell their shares.

Gold ETFs

People invest in leveraged gold ETFs usually because it gives them a greater opportunity for getting high profits out of the gold market. Investors in this market find themselves making more than in the physical gold market. As an investor, however, you need to understand what can make the market on gold rise and what will make it go down. If you are aware of these things, you can keep track of the gold market and your investments much better than if you were not.

Is It Time to Sell Your Gold?

With the gold exchange traded fund or ETF market being up 28% this year so far, it is bring a lot of people to start saying that gold will eventually approach a bubble. But, the reasons for buying gold have remained unchanged, and investors are still running to gold for a secure long-term investment with the shakiness of the economy ever-present.

With the huge stock market plunge, the sales of gold have surged considerably, and a lot of people thing that this is going to create a huge plummet in gold soon with many thinking that the gold markets are heading into a bad period and many will most likely sell.

Not everyone believes that getting rid of their gold is the answer however, and that the massive selling of gold that will most likely occur will cause a healthy correction that is needed to rebalance this market. Although this time of year gold is usually not as popular after a summer of being pushed to high popularity, the rise of sales of gold that has happened lately will be what causes this sharp correction to the gold market. If this happens, it is advised that you be on the lookout for it, as it will be a good opportunity for buying into gold early in the autumn season.

Gold News

With gold prices nearing $1830 an ounce just this past week from concerns about the global economy and after Venezuela announced plans to make its gold mining industry nationalized, investors are still turning to gold for investments that they can put their trust in. With the consistent recession-like occurrences going on in the United States, gold is still being looked at something that is more secure than other investments in the long-term, especially with the stock markets buying off. The rise in people buying gold ETFs can be explained easily when you look at these reasons to why people are investing in gold in the first place.

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