iPhone/ iPod Touch Solar Charger

iPhone/ iPod Touch Solar Charger

iPhone/ iPod Touch Solar Charger

I first saw this Ever run out of battery on your new iPhone or iPod touch at just the wrong time …  and, you are no where near your home charger or your car charger.  You just might want to give this a try.

Solar Powered Charger featured on NBC’s Today show.  I ran across this product in a “three day only” sale at Menard’s.  Normally $79.99 at Menard’s, it was on sale for $69.99 and had a $30 store rebate for a overall cost of $39.99 (plus tax).  At that cost I decided to give it a try!  It can also be found on line at solmarketplace.com

I am not disappointed!  This is one of the best charging devices I have ever seen.  It delivers everything it promises and is so easy to use. Your iPhone or your iPod Touch never needs to go dead again!  It charges your device without needing a plug in.  It charges by sunlight or indoor lighting.  It is a full time charger/case the let’s you use your phone without fear of running your battery down.

Also works great if you have Grand kids who love to pay games on your phone!!!

Some of the Solar Powered Charger’s other features:

  • The internal battery almost triples the life of your phone.
  • Charges while you are working, playing, running, or relaxing.
  • Charges anytime the sun shines, and also charges in indoor lighting.
  • Stays cool, does not overheat.
  • Built in LED battery power indicator.
  • Charging indicator light
  • Has built in LED flashlight
  • Full access to all touch screen and iphone features.
  • Clean, green energy source.
  • Design doubles as a protective case and an external battery source.
  • Durable and relatively light weight. (66.5g)
  • USB and Apple 30 pin connections.
  • iPhone can sync to iTunes while phone is in the case.
  • Package includes a mini 5 pin USB cable.
  • Includes 3 screen protectors: mirror,privacy, and fingerprints.         

SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack for iPhone and iPod Touch

Back-up power pack or full time charging case. You decide! 
The SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack is a new iPhone/iPod Touch charging device that will keep your iPhone/iPod Touch powered up for days! The case has an internal extra-large battery that triples your iPhone life and its integrated solar panel also allows you to charge with sunlight or indoor light. The device also charges very fast (three times faster than a wall charger) by utilizing its revolutionary Rapid Charging Technology.

Additionally, the case has a built-in flashlight and comes with three free screen protectors. The SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack is like nothing on the market. Not only can you use it as a fast-charging power pack on the go, but also you can choose to keep it on full time as a protective charging case. No other charging accessory in the world will keep you as connected as a SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack!

The Patent Pending SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack is a product that includes an Internal 2,400 mAh Battery, Rapid Charging Technology, Priority Charging, a built-in super bright LED flashlight and comes with a mini 5 pin USB charging cable as well as 3 free screen protectors (Mirror, Privacy and Fingerprints).

In the Press:

The SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack has been a featured product on the NBC’s Today Show and has been named one of the best iPhone charging accessories in the nation by such industry leaders as Macworld.com. Recently, the SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack was in the hands of the Stars at the 2011 Emmy Awards where actors and actresses from such shows as The Office, Sex in The City, Breaking Bad and The Good Wife were provided cases as gifts to keep them connected during the ceremonies.
Check out below what makes the SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack so amazing!



SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack for iPhone and iPod Touch has two models:
– iPhone 4, 4S
– iPhone 2G,3G,3GS and iPod Touch 2G,3G

Internal Battery

The internal battery in the SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack extends the battery life of your iPhone or iPod Touch by 300% while the case stays cool and never overheats.

Rapid Charging Technology

With our Rapid Charging Technology the SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack charges your iPhone or iPod Touch three times faster than a wall charger.

Charge Anywhere

The SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack charges anywhere the sun shines and by indoor lighting. Charge while you’re working, playing, running or simply relaxing.

Priority Charging

The SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack charges your iPhone or iPod Touch first and the case second. During use, the case’s energy is depleted first, and the iPhone or iPod Touch energy is used last.

Integrated LED Light

The SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack includes a super bright LED light for use as a flashlight that turns night into day at the touch of a button.

Ergonomic Design

The SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack is durable, lightweight, stylish and has an ergonomic design with slip free handling.

Charge and Sync

With the built in Apple 30pin connector you can charge and sync your iPhone or iPod Touch to iTunes without removing it from the SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack by using the included USB cable.

Full Access

The SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack allows full access to the touch screen and all the iPhone and iPod Touch features.

3 Free Screen Protectors

The SoL Hybrid™ Power Pack includes 3 free screen protectors for your iPhone or iPod Touch: Privacy, Mirror and Fingerprints.

This Solar Powered iPhone/ iPod touch charger can also be found on line at solmarketplace.com

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