Humana Medicare Plans For Boomers

If you are a baby boomer and are approaching the age for Medicare coverage or are already eligible there is a great deal to consider. Once eligible, Medicare will cover the basics, but for most people that is not enough.

While Medicare Part A helps to cover hospital stays and shorter stays in skilled nursing homes and Part B provides coverage for your visits to the doctor and outpatient hospital services, there are still a lot of gaps, For example, prescription drug coverage is very limited unless you are in the hospital. Most people who are on Medicare also have supplemental coverage with Humana being a top pick for many baby boomers.

What Is Supplemental Coverage

Supplemental coverage is additional insurance that baby boomers can purchase to pay for medical expenses that are not covered under Medicare. Depending on what you anticipate your medical needs to be you may want to pay for a plan that would cover prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, long term car and more.

Why Consider Humana

Humana offers baby boomers a variety of choices and plans at an affordable cost to cover medical expenses that Medicare will not pick up. Humana has been working with seniors for over 50 years to offer supplemental benefits and they also have the reputation of being a fortune 500 company. Additionally, they claim to offer top notch customer service to their plan participants.

What Types Of Plans Can I Choose From?

Here is a look at the different types of plans offered by Humana

  • Medicare Advantage Plan:

    Advantage plans offer customers a variety of options including flexible coverage options, fixed cost options that are affordable and the freedom to choose your medical doctors, options for prescription drug coverage and more. Advantage plans also offer worldwide coverage where Medicare is only available in the United States.

  • Prescription Drug Plans:

    Humana also offers independent prescription drug plans. There are a few options to choose from including the Humana Wal-Mart RX plan that is available for a low monthly fee with low copayments. This plan is great for those on generic prescriptions and can save plan holders hundreds of dollars each year. The second prescription plan called the enhanced plan allows first dollar coverage for preferred generics through a large pharmacy network. Finally, the Humana’s complete plan offers broad coverage with no deductable.

  • Supplemental Insurance Plans:

    Humana offers a variety of supplemental insurance plans including options for skilled nursing care, health care coverage when abroad, reduced copayment plans and lower premium plans. To be eligible for these plans you may need to meet certain requirements and all plans are not available in all states. You will want to carefully check out each plan to see if one would benefit you.

  • Optional Supplemental Benefits:

    Humana also offers supplemental benefits that you can purchase to enhance your other plans. These options are available for a separate premium charge and you can customize and pick and choose what options you would like to add. Options include dental coverage, vision coverage, fitness coverage with a membership to participating Silver Sneakers locations and more.

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