How to use Google Ads to Promote Your Business?

Google is where people search for what to do, where to go, and what to buy. It clocks over 5 billion interactions & 260 million daily visitors. When everyone on the web is on Google, it makes good sense to buy ads on their network.  

Google ads can be a major part of your marketing process because of its potential to reach a massive relevant audience. When done in the right manner, you can extract cost-effective results. You can approach Google Adwords services Melbourne to help you promote your business and efficiently reach your target audience. 

Benefits of Using Google Adwords to Promote your Business

  • Pay only for the results: This is one of the best advantages of using Google adwords to promote your business. Google adwords allows you to publish ads on a pay-per-click model. That means you only pay for the times when people actually click on the ads, not per impressions or views. This can help you save a lot of money and have a great return on investment. 
  • Specific targeting: Google provides you with a plethora of options to target. This way, you can target your exact audience to make sure your ad is shown only to relevant people who can get some value from your product and be customers in the future. You can filter the audience based on demographics, geography, keywords, and more. Along with that, you choose the time when your ad gets displayed. Everything is in your control, and you can ensure maximum benefit from google ads. 
  • Ability to track the performance of the ads: Unlike traditional ads, Google ads can be tracked. This means you can track the number of users who view and click your ad and how many people converted after going on your landing page. This data can help you tweak your marketing strategy and generate better ROI. 

Steps to Use Google Adwords to Promote Your Business

Step 1: Set up a Google Adwords Account

Go to Google adwords and create an account. It’s nothing more than simply filling details and then activating your account. 

Step 2: Choose the keywords you want to target

The keywords are the words and/or phrases that your audience is searching for. You can target the audience that searches for these keywords. Google allows you to choose 15-20 keywords at a time. You can always add more. 

For the best results, it is recommended to use fewer keywords. More keywords will spread the focus of your campaign. Choose keywords with moderate search volume. High search volume might attract expensive bids. 

Step 3: Choose your budget for the ad campaigns

You need to specify the budget you want to spend on the advertising. This will be the daily expenditure you are incurring to buy ads on google’s networks. According to a research, the average conversion rate is 2.35% that means on average, out of every 100, 2 people will take an action that you want them to take. 

Step 4: Select the audience that you want to target

You will have to specify the audience you want to target in this step. You will be able to target where you want your ad to display geographically. You can use zip codes or even radius targeting. You can choose anywhere from a whole country to a local area in your city. 

Step 5: Choose the network where you want your ad to display

Now you have to choose where you want your ad to display. Google gives you an option to put the ads on their search engine results page or their display network– any website that shows ads. Search engine ads work on the basis of keywords or queries. Display network ads are not query oriented. 

Step 6: Choose your bid

Google adwords work on an auction model. You have to bid for the keywords you are targeting. A bid is an amount you agree to pay per click. Adwords allow you to automatically set the bids to maximize your budget results, which is a perfect way if you are just starting. The other option is to add bids manually. 

Step 7: Create an ad

It’s time to create your ad. Your ad is the most crucial element in the whole campaign. Craft compelling and captivating ads that attract audiences. The purpose of your ad should be to convince the reader to click. Your ad will consist of a headline that accommodates 30 characters at max, and a description that allows you to add 80 characters. 

Step 8: Publish your ad

Once you are done with writing your ad. Press the save button and fill the payment details. Google will take it from there and your ad will be published.

Final Words

Google Adwords is very efficient as a medium to advertise. You can get targeted traffic on a pay-per-click basis. However, if not used in the right manner, it can burn a hole in your pocket. Keep optimizing and testing along with the application of the steps mentioned above for best results.

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