How To Plan A Retirement Party

If you are planning a retirement party, whether for a family member, boss or other coworker it doesn’t have to be a stressful task. There is such an array of what you can do and so many options that it can be fun and exciting, the creative options are limitless. You will need to decide where to have the party, what food to serve, who to invite, whether or not there will be entertainment and so much more. Read on for some great ideas to get your party underway.

Determine What The Guest Of Honor Wants

First and foremost you should let the guest of honor help you decide where the party will be. It is a big day and they very well could have an opinion of whether they want the party in a fancy restaurant or if they prefer a more casual venue.

You should also additionally seek their input on the menu and they should also be able to help in creating the guest list. If you live around Wisconsin, you might want to try searching for Madison, WI restaurants.  It is the ideal dining establishment that will be perfect for any occasion.

Create A Theme

Next, you may want to consider a theme for the party. Does the guest of honor have a hobby or anything of particular interest that you could use as a party theme? For example, are they a big sports fan, do they love a certain type of music, are they a wine connoisseur, etc. Having a theme can help create great ambiance and make it easy for you to decorate, decide on entertainment and more.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

For the party you may want to consider surprising your guest with a trip down memory lane. You can do this in a variety of ways depending on your time and available resources. You can have co workers send pictures from the work place, ask them to write out their favorite work memory they have of the retiree or even create a video of people the guest of honor has worked with throughout the years reminiscing about work times.

Well Wishes For The Future

Another great idea is to have guests at the party offer their well wishes to the retiree. This can be done in a number of ways either having them write out their wishes or doing a video diary. Putting together a scrap book after the event for the guest of honor which includes everyone’s well wishes and photos of the event is a great gift idea that the retiree will most likely treasure for years to come.

All The Other Details

Of course there are a numerous other details that you will need to attend to and it is always advisable to get some assistance. Here is a quick check list to help you plan the big day.

  • Secure a location for the party.
  • Determine what food and beverage will be served.
  • Create a guest list and send out invitations in a timely fashion with and RSVP date.
  • Determine the theme, decoration needed, entertainment, other supplies, etc.
  • If the party is a surprise have a plan to get the guest of honor there.
  • A few days ahead determine a final head count.
  • Finally, remember to take some time at the party to enjoy yourself.

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