How to make the most out of selling your car

So you’re on the brink of retirement and you’re looking to sell your car. Perhaps you’re looking to downsize and reduce the cost of car insurance and gas, or maybe you’re looking for a much sportier gas guzzler?

Whatever your motive, you’re obviously going to want to squeeze as much out of the old girl as possible – but how? Below are some quick, easy and relatively inexpensive ways to successfully raise the value of your used motor and help you raise that few hundred extra dollars for your retirement pot.

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It doesn’t matter how small a dent or rusty patch is, it’s guaranteed to devalue your car – and obviously, the bigger the dent in the bodywork, the bigger the dent in your wallet. With dent and rust removal services being cleverer now than ever before, you could well see those money-sapping dints and brown patches removed for a fraction of what it would cost you if you didn’t.

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A good valet service will work wonders. A used car salesman will be inclined to offer you much less for a grubby motor – and not always because he consciously thinks he can get away with it. It’s a psychological thing – the messier your car looks, the less value it will carry. Simple. And if it smells stale, smoky or like dog, then they’re going to be even less impressed.

The interior should be free of dust, hair and bits, the seats should be thoroughly shampooed, the bodywork should be gleaming and the tires re-buffed. And the beautification of your car shouldn’t just stop there, either.

Make sure your valet cleans under the hood too: glistening innards will add to the impression that the motor has been meticulously cared for and can only strengthen the car salesman’s offer or even add to it. Don’t give him any excuses to offer you less.

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Whether or not you’re used to using the Internet, it’s easy to sell your car online. First, find out how much your exact make and model is worth, and next, see if anyone else has managed to sell the same car as you and have a look at what they got for it. Take a look around the net for handy hints on selling your car and do your research on who in your area – or on the Internet – is best for giving fair deals for used cars.
… Good luck and God’s speed!

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