How to Get Low Cost Health Insurance Quotes

The cost of health insurance can be surprisingly high for individuals and families who do not have employer-sponsored health insurance options.  With a little research, you might find getting low cost health insurance quotes is not as difficult as it first appears.  What you do NOT want to do is compromise the quality of the health insurance coverage you have in exchange for a lower cost, so here are some tips for how to get low cost health insurance quotes that still offer adequate coverage:
How to Get Low Cost Health Insurance Quotes

Be Prepared to Research and Shop Around

Health insurance is not something you just pick randomly from a list and hope for the best.  There are more than 10,000 health insurance carriers – you want to pick one that offers enough coverage for a reasonable price without under estimating your needs, but also without paying more for coverage that you don’t really need.

Start by asking friends and family who their health insurance carriers are, and if they would recommend them or not.  This will get you a list of companies that are worth checking into and a list of those which you might stay away from.  It eliminates the pressure of insurance salespeople who are out for commissions, and you can get real information from people you know.

Armed with your list, check the website of each company for premiums and co-pay information.  Compile a short list of possibilities based on what they offer coverage for compared to your needs; and their pricing.  Call each company on your short list to compare the pricing and coverage options with a customer service representative.

For a quick check online, check out eHealthInsurance.   Their site is filled with great info and getting a quote takes you literally minutes.

Call The National Health Information Center

Government agencies offer information on health insurance opportunities and programs you may be eligible for to reduce your health insurance costs.  Call the National Health Information Center at 1-800-336-4797 to see what is available to you.

Understand You Can Skip the Insurance Co-Pay on Some Medications

Believe it or not, some medications will cost you more if you use your insurance and pay the co-pay than if you just went to Walmart and got the prescription without insurance.  If you are on a medication that you must take regularly, first check if it’s offered under Walmarts $4 prescription plan, or find out what the price of the drug is without insurance, before selecting an insurance plan.  Sometimes it makes sense to get an insurance quote for coverage with a higher co-pay on medications if you either don’t require medication very often or can get your medication cheaper without the prescription.  A higher co-pay typically results in a lower insurance premium.

Consider Checking With Phone Medical Services Before Visiting a Doctor


For routine and common symptoms of colds or flus, you may want to use a 24 hour phone medical service.  These are staffed by qualified nurses with several years experience, who can help you determine whether you need to see a doctor or if you could just try a home remedy or over-the-counter medication to alleviate symptoms.  Reducing visits to your doctor reduces the amount you pay in doctor or hospital visit co-pays, and might allow you to consider insurance quotes for higher co-pay plans with lower insurance premiums.

Looking for Health Insurance Online?

I was really impressed on how quick you can get an insurance quote from eHealthInsurance.   It was fast and easy- two of my most favorite things!  Be sure to check out my eHealthInsurance  review postor go straight to their website for a free health insurance quote.

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