How to File Bankruptcy Online

Deciding that it is time to file for bankruptcy because your debts are overwhelming is a difficult decision. There is now an option for filing online. This was not an option in days past but it is now possible.

Bankruptcy is handled in the federal court system and the federal courts have created a system called PACER. PACER is a database that allows for both attorneys and individuals to file online.

Filing documents through PACER online must be done by an attorney or a professional bankruptcy service. Bankruptcy courts do not allow individuals to file through the PACER system on their own and do not allow payments via a credit card. You will need to meet with the attorney or professional service prior to filing for bankruptcy to sign all necessary paperwork.

What To Prepare

Before beginning the process of filing for bankruptcy online you will need to have a few things ready. You will need to prepare a list of all of your creditors and possibly have a current statement from each with information such as balances and account numbers. You will need to have a filing fee ready. You may also consider hiring an attorney.

You will need to find and download all necessary forms to file for bankruptcy. There is software available online to help with these forms. An attorney or paralegal can help you fill out these forms if you feel that is a task better left to professionals.

There Are Some Things To Be Aware Of When Filing For Bankruptcy Online

  • Be very acute of the documents that you are filing online. There is no room for error once the documents are submitted. Double-check everything you’re your attorney or bankruptcy professional before hitting the send button.
  • Just because you file your documents online does not mean that you are excluded from ever attending a court hearing in the federal building. Most likely you will have to make at least one appearance. The online filing allows for you to make fewer trips to the federal courthouse.
  • It will still cost money to file for bankruptcy online. It depends on which chapter of bankruptcy you are filing for that determines the amount that you will owe. Also be aware that hiring an attorney or professional corporation to file the paperwork through PACER they will charge you for their time and will also charge for submitting the document online on your behalf.

There Are Some Definite Positives To Filing For Bankruptcy Online

  • Filing on the internet takes away the hassle of making several trips to the federal courthouse.
  • You will save time and you will also save you money in simple ways such as gas, parking fees and lost wages from being absent from your employment.

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult and slow process. You will need to make sure to meet with your professional of choice and establish a trusting relationship with that person. The option of filing online takes a little of the hassle out of filing for bankruptcy. Speak with whomever you hire to decide which options suit your specific needs.

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