How To Cope With Medical Bills Child Has Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) has different implications for each person diagnosed. It does not impact everyone the same way. Despite the face that families may not have the same experiences when their children are diagnosed with CP, there are ways to find support and ensure they and their children have everything they need. One of the largest challenges families face are financial ones.

A child with CP will most likely see many health care professionals. They may require many surgeries, medications, and therapy to overcome problems. They may need surgery for broken hips, walk with corrective devices, medication for stiff and sore muscles, and speech and occupational therapy. Medical bills may begin to pile up faster than you can even consider paying them. There are many times when parents find they are not able to pay the medical bills.

Organizations and Charities for Financial Support

There are some organizations available to help provide financial support when you find yourself in a hardship. There are private and public organizations that can help provide funding and resources that you need to help you provide proper health care for your child. There are organizations that can help to provide funding for assistive technology which helps your child help themselves. Assistive technology can help your child be more independent and learn to do things for themselves. These devices can be expensive and there is a fund that can help you pay for these tools. Another foundation helps patients purchase needed medical equipment. This foundation works directly with the health care provider to purchase the equipment for the child. There is a non-profit organization that helps children acquire the therapy they need. This can assist with equipment in addition to physical, occupational, or speech therapy. This organization can help provide iPads to a canine therapy companion.

There are a number of charities dedicated to help those with CP gain independence, mobility, and social inclusion. Their mission is to provide adaptive bicycles, vehicle modifications, service animals, wheelchairs, and other devices.

It is always helpful to know what options are available to you. When it seems like is being inundated with bills, there is help and that provides a significant amount of hope. Support is incredibly important when you are facing difficulties. If you are looking for other ways to help fulfill your financial responsibilities while caring for your child, you may want to refer to the Cerebral Palsy Guide to find more resources that can help during different stages of your child’s development.

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