How an Energy Saving Audit Could Save You Thousands

Homeowners in the US have seen an exponential hike in the cost of their utility bills since 2003. Over the last 10 years the average price of water has increased by 15%, gas has increased twofold, and the average electricity bill has increased by approximately 250%.  It’s no wonder that homeowners are looking for new ways to save on bills.

Your Home Isn’t as Efficient as You Think It Is

Your money is disappearing into the walls of your home. How? In lost heat energy. Through the ceilings, walls, floors, windows, doors, and by air leakage, the heat in your home is continually ebbing away and taking your hard earned money with it.

In fact, it’s estimated that the average home in the US loses up to 40% of its heat every year through its walls and loft space, mainly due to inadequate insulation. But there’s no way of telling exactly where the heat in your house is being lost unless you conduct a thorough home energy efficiency audit.

Spend Money to Save Money with an Energy Audit

A home energy efficiency audit will identify the key areas in your home where energy is being lost. You will then be able to use this information to conduct any necessary insulation, repair or maintenance work that is needed to make your home more energy efficient.

An audit can be costly, which may put many people off in the first instance. But consider the savings you could make in the long term by conserving your home’s energy, improving its efficiency, and slashing the cost of your utility bills. It’s estimated that the average energy efficiency audit can identify potential saving areas which would reduce utility bills by up to 20%, meaning that after 2-3 years the initial cost will have been offset and all future savings will belong to you.

There are many ways to finance an energy efficiency audit, if you don’t have the initial capital. For example, some people use a secured loan in the uk as method of getting money when they need it the most.

Save the Planet with an Energy Efficient Home

We’d all like to live in a completely green home if we could; not only would it save us money, it would also help protect our natural resources. But if you’re worrying about doing your part for the environment, conducting an energy saving audit is a good place to start. By not wasting energy, you’ll be saving energy. And by saving energy you’ll not just be saving money – you’ll be saving our planet as well.

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