Hospital Visits Are Bad Enough

Anyone who’s ever been a patient in a hospital can probably think of several reasons to hate the experience. Maybe it was the roommate who played the TV at a deafening volume all night, or the hospital gown that revealed way too much with every move. The food is usually nothing to get excited about, either. Hospitals stays can definitely be scary, painful, and stress-filled for both the patient and his or her family.

One thing that can make the situation even worse is not having health insurance. Without insurance, the cost of a hospital visit can quickly spiral beyond control and leave the patient with bills that are difficult, or even impossible, to pay. There are a number of resources on the web that can help the uninsured find a suitable health insurance plan. is one resource for people who don’t have insurance or want to find a more suitable insurance plan. This site can be used to comparison shop and find affordable insurance, including health insurance. Additionally, the site can provide insurance shoppers with a free quote.

A couple of links to other informative sites about health insurance are provided below. The first link is to a comprehensive article from the Wall Street Journal about health insurance shopping, while the second is to a multi-part consumer report to help those seeking health insurance choose wisely.

Although the information at and the other sites listed can’t help with the loud roommate or the embarrassing hospital gown, they might be able to help ease the financial worries that can accompany a hospital stay.

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