Governor Blagojevich Cuffed and Jailed!

Governor Rod Blagojevich a Crook?
Ya think…maybe? Surprise, surprise!
Selling the vacant Senate seat of Barack Obama? Do you believe it?
Papa Boomer says, “You Betcha”!

Least Popular Governor in the US

We all remember the heat that was taken by the most popular Governor in the US, Governor Sarah Palin, during the presidential election. Illinois has the unique distinction of having the least popular Governor in the US. That’s a fact.  That’s something Illinois can really be proud of.

Illinois – The most corrupt State?

Illinois was already known as one of the most, if not the most, corrupt State government in the US. The last Governor of Illinois, George Ryan, is currently serving 6 years in prison for corruption and racketeering.  Earlier this month Senator Dick Durbin put forth an effort for President Bush to Pardon Governor George Ryan. It was also supported by Governor Rod Blagojevich. Could this move by Senator Durbin be laying the groundwork for an Obama pardon of Rod Blagojevich? Not anymore, nobody is going to touch that one now.

Attempting to sell the vacant seat of President Elect Barack Obama is just icing on the cake that this guy has been baking since he was first elected. This guy is famous for his Pay to Play politics in Illinois.

Corruption – Others Play the game too!

Emil Jones, a strong supporter and President of the Illinois Senate from Chicago, hired his wife to a high level State position, and then proceeded to almost triple the salary of that position. He announced his own retirement from his position as President of the Illinois Senate. Almost in the same breath he recommended his son, who has almost no experience, to replace him. Blago supported these moves. Go figure. Just more Pay to Play politics in Illinois.

Illinois New Capital, Chicago?

From the beginning, Governor Blagojevich refused to relocate to Springfield, Illinois just because that happened to be the State Capital. Instead, he used State owned aircraft at great expense to the tax payers to travel back and forth on a daily basis to do business. This, so he can continue to wheel and deal with his buddies in Chicago … oops, I mean so he could be with his family every night. This stuff has been going on since he took over the office. The people of this State have sat helplessly on the sidelines just waiting for him to pull off his next scam.

Corruption, a Bi-partisan effort in Illinois

None of this is new to the State of Illinois. Just good old Chicago politics at its best. The list of players is long and famous. The list is long and includes, but certainly not limited to, Paul Powell, George Ryan, Tony Rezko, Mayor Daily of Chicago, and yes, even President Elect Barack Obama. The list goes on and on. Fortunately, our new President Elect was only there two years. Not long enough to gain too much experience. He’ll definitely be able to recognize it, remains to what he will do about it. The State of Illinois Continues to be totally dysfunctional. At least it is a bi-partisan effort.  Maybe it is in the water of the Chicago River.

Blagojevich,  Give Credit where Credit is Due

Let’s give Governor Blagojevich some credit. At the very least, he has taken corruption in the State of Illinois to a new level.  Federal prosecutors even called it a “political corruption crime spree”. And best of all, as of today, he still gets to decide Obama’s replacement.  Hurry up and get your bid in!

Can’t wait to hear who else is on those tapes!

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