Five Things to Know Before Owning a Race Horse

When someone has been thinking about becoming a professional horse rider and competitor in a race like the Kentucky Derby, they should thoroughly outweigh all of the reasons they want to become a horse rider to begin with. A person should get into horse riding and competition for the right reasons. Joining horse competitions and races purely for financial gain is not necessarily the most ideal way of going about it.

Getting into it for the Right Reasons

It’s important that the person is able to have respect for the business and big races like Kentucky Derby, have admiration for their horse and take proper care of their horse. When an individual builds a healthy relationship with their horse and takes proper care of them, their horse will have a better chance at succeeding. Another one of the biggest reasons to get into horse riding is the excitement and thrill it can offer when competing against other horse riders in a healthy competition. Another thrill is knowing people are going to bet on Kentucky Derby while your horse is racing!

Know the Investment Costs

To own a thoroughbred horse is not a cheap expense. To invest in a thoroughbred, the price can range anywhere from $15,000 to $65,000 or even more, depending on the breeder and the horse itself. This is not a cheap investment price to pay so the person should understand the potential risks associated with it.

For example, there could be times that a horse becomes sick or even sustains an injury that could cause it to not be eligible for competition or riding. Furthermore, it’s important that the person review the track record of the horse to ensure it’s a successful competition horse. Beyond the initial investment costs of the horse, there are also registration fees, veterinarian fees, maintenance costs as well as equipment costs.

Knowing the Horse’s Limits

The person should realize that their horse is an animal and must be properly cared for. There are times when the horse needs proper veterinarian care and the owner should also build a solid relationship of trust with the horse. When the person’s horse trusts them, there will be more of a successful chance of them listening to the owner.

However, there can be times when the horse might still be unpredictable because of their nature. This should be understood by the person as well. Furthermore, an individual should properly train and strengthen their horse so they are comfortable with racing and competing.

Diversification is Key

When a person only invests in one single race horse, this can decrease the chances of their success even though the horse is properly maintained. There are many different horses and horse trainers with specific programs and routines. This is why it’s essential for an individual to consider investing in more than one horse.

While this may seem like a large investment at first, the individual may inquire the horses over a period or time. For example, it might take several months or even years to acquire more thoroughbred race horses. However, with more horses that are properly trained, it helps increase the winning odds of the jockey and team.

Final Goals

The last phase of deciding on owning a horse is to realize what the person’s own goals are. Some people might only want to ride and compete with their horses on their own personal tracks. On the other hand, some people might want the experience of competing in graded stakes competitions throughout the country at different race tracks. This is something the person will need to take time to consider.

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