Festival of Frugality Carnival

Welcome to the April 27th, 2011 edition of Festival of Frugality 2.   We have a lot of great submissions (as usual) to check out. Without further ado……

Ken presents Shopping At Costco: The Good and The Ugly posted at Spruce Up Your Finances.

CreditDonkey presents Why You Should Have a Credit Card with Return Protection posted at CreditDonkey.com Tips, saying, “Save money by returning the stuff you don’t want, even if the retailer won’t take it back.”

Neal Frankle presents What is Groupon and Why It?s Evil posted at Wealth Pilgrim: Money Management Advice, Financial Stess Management, Addiction Recovery Plan & Resources, saying, “You’ve probably heard about Groupon and how it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I don’t like it because it’s going to result in lots of people struggling with how to get out of credit card debt (you’ll see why in a moment).”

Jim presents Common Credit Report Errors at Barganeering.com. saying “It’s important to understand these basic items to avoid with your credit”.

Tim Fraticelli presents 6 Wealth Defense Strategies posted at Faith and Finance, saying, “Sometimes, the best offense is a good defense. The same is true with money. Most millionaires didn’t get to a place of financial freedom by relying on income and investments alone. They also focused on ways to KEEP their money – these financial defense strategies help us to focus on ways we can keep our money from slipping away from us!”

Melissa Batai presents Earth Day Focus: Reusable Eco Friendly Lunch Bento Boxes posted at Mom’s Plans, saying, “More often than not, packing a homemade lunch with a reusable container is a clear winner financially and environmentally.”

Craig Ford presents 3 Ways to Deal With a Declining US Dollar posted at Money Help For Christians, saying, “Learn how to financially protect yourself from a declining US dollar.”

Sustainable Life Blog presents Cheap Summer Vacation Series: Grand Teton National Park posted at Sustainable Life Blog, saying, “Looking for a frugal summer vacation? Look no further than your national parks! Great sites, things to do, and most are free!”

Joe Plemon presents How Higher Oil Prices Are Costing You — And How to Cope posted at Personal Finance By The Book, saying, “Higher oil prices are costing you in ways you might not have considered. This post tells some of those ways and gives tips on how to cope.”

Money Reasons presents Treat Money With Respect Even When It?s Small Change! posted at Money Reasons, saying, “What do you do when you see change on the floor or have change after a purchase? I save my money and here’s why and what I do with it!”

Kevin McKee presents The Most Embarrassing Four Dollars I’ve Ever Spent posted at Thousandaire, saying, “Come along with me as I tell a tale of the most miserable four dollars I’ve ever spent.”

BIFS presents Green Your Routine – Ecologically Friendly Product Alternatives | Budgeting In the Fun Stuff posted at Budgeting In the Fun Stuff, saying, “Ever forgo something others consider basic necessities to save money or better yet, the environment?”

Dr. Dean presents Success: My Search For 5% Cash Back Gas Card! posted at Dr. Dean’s TheMillionaireNurse.com Blog, saying, “Nothings more frugal than cutting costs on the things you have to spend on regularly. This credit card will help me cut costs because it pays me %5 when I spend on gas.”

BackTaxesHelp.com presents Injured Spouse Relief: Qualifications & How to Apply posted at Back Taxes Help Blog.

vh presents Prius Batteries: Yikes! posted at Funny about Money, saying, “A hybrid saves a lot on gas, but a hidden cost pretty well negates that saving, over the long run.”

Peter presents YNAB (You Need A Budget) 3 Budget Software Review: Zero Based Budgeting Made Easy posted at Bible Money Matters, saying, “One budgeting software that I’ve heard quite a bit of positive feedback about is You Need A Budget, a desktop budgeting software. Here’s my full review.”

Jim Yih presents Does Groupon help me save or spend? posted at Retire Happy Blog, saying, “Does Groupon help me save money or spend money? While there are some great deals, the sales might convince you to impulse shop.”

Mr. Money Smarts presents How To Avoid The Capital Gains Tax posted at Smart On Money, saying, “Investments are difficult enough without losing huge portions of your investments to taxes. Here’s how to legally avoid taxes on your capital gains.”

Tom presents Increasing The Lifespan Of Appliances posted at StupidCents, saying, “To save money by increasing the lifespan of appliances and reducing repairs, we make sure our appliances are properly cleaned and maintained.”

Glen presents Sesame Street and Teaching Kids About Money – For Me, For You, For Later posted at Parenting Family Money, saying, “See how sesame Street is working to help parents teach their kids about money.”

Cecil Dellison presents Target Set to Offer 5 Percent Discount to Target Credit Card Users | Clearchoicecreditcards posted at Clear Choice Credit Cards.

Tim Chen presents Considering a Medical Credit Card? Proceed with Caution posted at NerdWallet Blog – Credit Card Watch, saying, “Medical emergencies drain your time, energy, emotional strength and, unfortunately, savings. Under pressure for urgent and unaffordable care, many patients are turning to medical credit cards.”

Beth from SmartFrugality presents Getting Rid of Your Stuff posted at Smart Frugality, saying, “Selling and donating items that are cluttering up your home can add money to your wallet and increase your peace of mind.”

Liss presents Fast food on a friday: Easy satay chicken with dipping sauce – mix once! posted at Frills in the Hills, saying, “A great recipe to avoid those expensive takeaways -and no making a separate dipping sauce – make it all at once! Simple tasty and cost 1/5 of the cost of takeout thai satay!”

Mama Squirrel presents My catalogue, my friend? (and a bonus frugal link) posted at Dewey’s Treehouse.

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