Fair Healthcare Reform – Include Our Congress , Senate And Obama In The Same Plan!


Better to read it upside down than not to read it at all!

Healthcare Reform, the President wants this bill done and wants it done fast!  More rush to pass bills without allowing anyone to read them.  I, for one, want who ever I voted for to understand what they are voting for no matter what it is.  So why not read them?  Simple, they don’t want anyone to no what is included.

Let’s make Healthcare Reform an easy to sell to all Americans.

A simple solution for Healthcare!

I will gladly accept any plan the Congress. Senate, and the Obama Administration vote for as long as they and their families are covered by exactly the same plan and nothing more!  That makes it very easy for all Americans to have confidence in whatever plan they pass.  Anything less or more for those who vote on what our healthcare plan will be seems extremely unfair.  After all, we the taxpayers, pay the salaries of our Congressional Representatives  and Senators to represent us.

Why should any of them and their families have a different or better plan than the people who they represent?  Maybe they think they are better than the people they represent.  I can assure you Senator Edward Kennedy and many others would no longer be here if they had the plan they are proposing for us.  They also would not vote for it if they had to “live” by it.

My plan is simple.  Anyone who votes yes should be happy to accept what they voted for!  I can assure you if they have to live with it themselves they will read it and understand it.  Simple and fair … If  it is such a good deal for us, then they should be willing to accept it for themselves.

Better Plan Yet!  Just give us the same plan they have now!

Better yet just give all of us the same plan they already have.   Except for the fact that that we can’t possibly pay for it  … what’s the problem?  Just put it on the U.S. charge card, go bankrupt when we can’t make our payments, and then clean the slate.  It’s the American way!  Opps! … now that we own the banks, that won’t work either!

Or … how about we borrow the money from China, stiff them and then out nuke em!  Papa B.

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